Saturday, November 21, 2009

Charlee......I said no!

NO charlee! no no!
Charlee....please, mommy said NO!!!!
Dont give me that look......
And I can still see you touching the mouse!
Im swamped up to my eye balls.....
AND i have a little naughty girl at my house who won't let me work.
2 hour nap NOT ENOUGH! :)
I moved my computer to the kitchen table thinking it would help me keep an eye on her while I work......since she is climbing on everything..
well.....ummmmmmm, ya! MY PLAN was dumb!
she won't get off the table.
and I say NO....she says NO back!
I actually shouldn't even be blogging.
I should be taking a nap, before My next session in 3 hours....
im not feeling to hot......I started feeling a little achy comeing home from SL last night from another session.....hummm....I got hot coco, rubbed me down with bath..then went to bed!
I have 8 more sessions before MY HOLIDAY BREAK! waaaa-hooo!
eye on the prize baby! Family time!!! work before play ;)
then I will have a WHOLE MONTH OFF!
I am also hosting ThanksGIBBING at my house next week....
am I crazy? I dunno.......
im just hopeing for NO COLDSORES!
is that to much to ASK?
I also started to decorate for christmas 2 days ago---
i will post a HUGE POST on my HOLIDAY DECOR!
including me stopping on the side if a BUSY street.......grabbing a HUGE branch from a tree that was on the ground in a field.....hauling it to my durango....SHOVING IT into the back....people staring...honking.......
whatever!!!......they just arnt smart enough to KNOW what to do with a BIG UGLY DEAD BRANCH.....
Here is charlee and Jackson helping me
{don't look at the naked-ness under the tree, its pretty now...}
i luv this time of year!
im feeling the holiday spirit....HUMONGO this year {is that a word?}
ok---off to take a quick nap!
but before I do....
i will leave you with some words from Jackson!
Wow, is a great day.
it smells so good outside.
{takes a DEEP BREATH}
The birds are singing.
The sun is shining.
The CAR is shiny
wow----what a great day!


Simply Lavender said...

LOL!!!!!!!! I'm sorry but Charlee is hilar! Look at all the different positions she tries to get at the laptop! Oh, it's precious! (sorry momma, of a little mover and shaker..she's got the moves!)
Jackson and Charlee did a better job decorating your tree than I did with mine! UG! Ya know, it's great therapy to just throw the damn icicles on and be done with it!!
That's exactly what I did!
Merry Christmas!


Megan said...

I think I have forgotten what it is like to have a ittle Charlee-helper around! Guess I will find out and soon will be blogging my own "No Audrey!" posts. (Can't wait!)
Cute little helpers decorating your tree! LOVE it. We will be putting ours up on Friday. Have a great ThanksGIBBING!

Jennie Moore said...


~Ali~ said...

Oh geez!!! I'm sorry...that is so hard to work with a little one running around....Trey won't take a nap at all lately....driving me NUTS!! UGH! Charlee is fearless....she will climb on anything!! lol she is too cute! And the tree is pretty....looks great! Jadynn is yelling at me as I type to get out the decorations and get to it! lol she helped Grandma yesterday with her tree. I have some MAJOR Christmas spirit going on this year too....don't know what it is...Ryan is going to be so mad when he wakes up to a winter wonderland! lol He doesn't like me to decorate before Thanksgiving! Oh well!

Cindy-Stitches-N-Stuff said...

What wonderful little kids. I think Charlee is just like her mom.

Anne, what is it that you do, sessions?

I remember what it was like with children. I just couldn't sew, or paint.

Get some rest.


Shelley Hansen said...

She is adorable! Josiah is climbing on everything as well.. He likes to climb it, then stand up on it... to scare me.. or show me just how daring he is.. Babies are so darn CUTE!

Lara said...

Ohh I love it! She is so cute! You're Amazing Annie!!! All the things you do and all the wonderful creative ideas you have!! I can't wait to see the branch!! Thanks Again for the pics. Good Luck with ThanksGibbing at your place.... you'll do great and everything will be PER-fect!! Heart You!