Sunday, November 29, 2009

What I did......

Not that you care MUCH!
but this is what I did with my turkey table!!
we had 25 peeps HERE in my house Friday!
we did it a day late so EVERYONE could come :)
It was actually nice, Mike and I vegged at home and did nothing on thanksgiving day.
Then My sister with her two girls {her hubby and boys went hunting} spent the night
sooooooooooooooo FUN!!!
Where I got my SHIZ:
FANTASTIC gobblets for toasting: All a doller. {shut up right? so vintagy}
globs of CRAP for my center peice: DI ...all in the SAME DAY! :)
class jars and containers green and clear
5 metal trays
beads, and odds and ends and gibblets and gobblets...who's and ha's!
my HUGE gold leafy ball hanging on my chaneller:
Tai pan. $13. woot.!
Ok! So here is my famous DEAD BRANCH I shoved in the back of my durango...
{where i STILL need to vacumn the mess}
Spray painted it white
sprayed on SNOW for some texture and sprinkled glitter :)
let it dry outside for half the day!
I love it so MUCH----its way way taller then me....i wanna KISS IT!
name tags on the gobblets :)
{Michaels craft store}
These little gifts I made for my sisters!!
its a journal
a green crochet braclet
and some candy cane mint sticks....
wrapped in wonderful crap---and topped with a grandma clip earring....LOL!
can you see em?
A gift for my beautiful mother :)
a glass container bought at tai pan {i love that its 7 minutes away}
filled with carmal apple popcorn.....AH!
also topped with a grandma clip on some BLING!
What a wonderful day!!!
My sister cooked ALL THE FOOOOOD. we paid her and she made it all!
she wanted to......crazy girl!
it was the yummest dinner ever!
we did a toast around the tables....we cried and laughed.
My dad did a grandpa Minute
which gave us COURAGE and a much needed LIFT to go on in this crazy world
it will not bring us down, thats for sure!
and its all up to US! ME AND YOU!
I will post more DECOR of what I have done for the holidays...
not that you
Like the most wonderful CHAIR i found at the di for $20 with the most darlingest grandma pillows I have ever them as ROSS!
i wanna marry my chair!
what jackson wants from santa:
A donkey! ? huh?
AND a fortune i got last week from a fortune cookie
"an unexpected surprise is in store for you in the next coming month"
I can't wait!! :)
OH and btw----since i didn't take pictures of ANYONE.
{i put my camera down before anyone got here}
and I FORGOT to pick it back up...
huh? weird of me!
so go here if you wanna see actual PEOPLE :)


Amie said...

You unexpected suprise is that Mike's surgery didn't work and you are gonna be preggo!!! LOL!!!!

Anonymous said...

NOT FUNNY...{i just threw up in my mouth a little}

Megan said...

Wow! Very beautiful! You are amazing and have lots of energy that I just don't have. At all. :) Making this baby is wearing me OUT. It took me three days to get my Christmas decor up. Usually takes me one. :) Anywho, you did a lovely job!

Mandi said...

Oh I care!!! :)
PS.. do u have any room for any more sisters!?! lol

Krislynn said...

looks cute...knew it would! i was already jealous in line @DI......hope you stuffed your FACE!

Erin said...

Hi Annie. I have to admit I am a blog stalker :) I love your blog and all the creative things your post!!

Hope you don't mind I check from time to time :)

(Melanie and Jay Greaves daughter :)