Tuesday, November 17, 2009

dear santa,

I want a canon 5D mark ii ......a.k.a MR. MARK!
I know I will have to save my life away.
But will be willing to sell my current 5D to make up some of the difference.
PLEASE, santa....please.........
I will stop spending money on dumb things like, lip gloss and funky socks!
Im selling my canon 5D camera!
It can go the first part of January.
I will need a deposit to hold it if anyone is intersted :)
Im also selling pretty much everything I own.

{I wonder if mike will miss his tools?}


Megan said...

Hee hee! I had to google this bad boy to see how much you needed to save.........holy moly!! I bet it comes with a seriously long manual that I could not bear to read. Good luck and feel free to brown nose old Santa daily.....or more often.........

Jeri said...

Someone asked me if I was getting the Mark ii for Christmas. I said, "I'd better, or Lincoln will die."

Am I the devil? =)

When I see you with your new baby around your neck we'll have to do a "cheers" with them before we start our session! =)

Brenda @Just a Bed of Roses said...

santa came to me yesterday...he is making me wrap it up for christmas day though...boo hoo!
It's a pentax k-x thats all I know about it...thats whats on the box anyway.
I will probably be scared to use it I am so use to packing my little tiny camera around in my purse all day for quick photo's.

Should be fun though...so there's hope, cause santa usually delivers the goods!