Thursday, November 5, 2009


It won't be long till this little cutest boy of mine will be gone. Outta my reach.
For now....he is mine.
Everyday. Mine.
He is is watching scooby doo.
I will forever miss scooby doo and star wars guys lined up in a row.
I will take pictures of it everyday for now. My sweet memories!
This is Max!
Jacksons bestest friend!
Thankful for peanut butter
Thankful for Target
{i knew they would have the rainboots i needed for tonight}
{check back to find out why}
Thankful for Max! What a sweetie he is!
Thankful for a kind husband, Who loves me for me!
{I know Im annoying & bratty sometimes}
Thankful for Christmas music.......{yup you guessed it}


Shellie said...

Annie your Thankfuls have been so inspiring to me lately. I have been starting to list mine everyday and its amazing what I pay attention to now that I'm being aware of the sweet luxuries of life! I love that you love your moments with your kids, I want to take everyday and appreciate mine and enjoy the time while they are still so young. It won't be too long before we won't be getting them ready and yelling at them for messes. They are all so individually cute are'nt they? Ok I'm tearing up now, my hormones must be out of whack! lol

Simply Lavender said...

OH....he is the most darling, cutest, sweetest, funniest, most handsome JACKSON on the planet!!
And so lucky to have his faithful and bestest friend, MAX by his side. Doesn't get any better than that! Love you forever Jackson!


Liseylew said...

ooohh I want to eat him!! I love him so!!!!

Cindy-Stitches-N-Stuff said...

What are you up to Annie - with your rain boots?

I love that you love to think ahead of yourself Annie. Will you be my little sister?

You sure do take beautiful pictures. I need a few lessons.

Have a great day.