Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Lots going on.....
but it has SLOWED DOWN!!!
I have been bombbarted with last minute sessions from FAMILIES...
ya know, those ones that forget about christmas cards.
Well......I desperately wanted to enjoy christmas this year
so I worked my TAIL off, and now I am completely caught up.
OHHH, IT feels good. You have no idea. :)
I am not taking one client till the end of JAN.
{let see if I can say no!!!!!}
Mike has been working more this last 2 months then ever!
2 to 4 days off a month....
not even kidding.
I felt like a single mom working FULL time....
let me tell you....this has taken a tole!
I have cold sores to prove it!
today and tomorrow he has off.....and we are spending every second together.
well except now...he went to the store...and I thought i could quickly blog?...
lol---im so addicted its not cool!
and plus im behind on my daily blogging and I know you miss me.
I was told by someone actually today...she was mad that I haven't updated..
lol {luv ya miss A} ;)
Im going to probually ramble alot-----
Autumn is in love with jacob on "Newmoon".
talks about his 9 pack...
I said "Autumn its a 6 pack"
she said---oh whatever, its so hot!
AH! don't say that, your 11 1/2
Autumn is my hard one----Love her to much DANGIT!
was late waking up this morning......late to school.
she cried...
i sooooo hate hair and socks, and missing coats!
Abbie is so cute and air-heady and 13....
up in space........
I will let you know when she COMES BACK DOWN :)
Jackson is SO funny...still hates school and church is dumb!
still wears no underwear EVER and enjoys teasing charlee.
he loves her so much...but likes when she gets mad at him.
there is NOTHING funnier....
humm........20 months old!
has to do everything HERSELF!
and has learned to fake laugh. lol
Here is charlee enjoying the snow.
She likes to get bowls and scoops snow in it and walks around eating the snow till it turned into water.....
this buffet table {below}
for my mom....she has no where to store it....DANG IT!
better bring it to my house then.........
Mom, I will take care of it for will be loved :)
I finally decorated a little bit in this room...
its been so plain...nothing flowed...not even sure THIS flows yet.....
but i thought it was fun anyways!!
This dresser was in the place of THE buffet UP TOP!
i have loved this orange chair----but didn't know where to put it.
love it????
it was $20....SHUT, really it was!
perfect grandma condition :)
I got these two pillows at Ross.......$8 each.....
WELL ALL THE POST ABOVE WAS TYPED this morning..... :)
I saved it and now just FINISHING my post at 7:30 tonight..........
my shmoopie.......
gosh I have missed him........
he is the BEST!
I wanna be him when I grow up.
We have had problems with our water heater the last 3 days
{thank goodness home warrenty}
im in much need of some down time, after today!
guess what mike is doing right NOW?
Im crying even typing this out!!
walking upstairs with pots of hot BOILED water so i can take a warm bath and relax tonight.
oh my gosh...i can't beieve this....
My heart is FULL today!
My heart is SAD today!
Also full of happiness and thankfulness......
Many tears have been shed today.
I can't believe how much I LOVE MY daughters!
I will be sad this season to not be able to be with them durring christmas time this year.
I had a recent decision change. :(
I have to trust HF that he knows whats going on.
cuz I sure as hell don't!


Liseylew said...

I love your blog! It makes me feel all caught up on your life :) And little Mikey is such a great catch isnt he?? I wuv him.

Sunshine said...

You are just so darn cute! Boiled water for a hot bath!!! WHAT!! You are a lucky girl!