Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I love's

I love Pomegranates.
I love that my sisters are coming for a photoshoot and sleepover today.
I love friends.
I love friends that share their talents.
I love trials. I kinda kick BUTT now. :)
I love my camera.
I love mikey.
I love my 3 daughters.
I love jackson. And he loves me.
I love sweats.
I love being creative.
I love that I can blog to journal my thoughts, dreams, happy times and sad times.
I love that I signed Abbie and Jackson up for Martal Arts.
I absolutely LOVE the relationship I have bonded with my children lately.
I love that I cried when I read Abbie's FACEBOOK post yesterday.
{it said how much she is thankful for me and how much she loves me and That I am there when she needs a shoulder to cry on}
teenager...say WHA? luv her.
I Love that Mike and I are making goals for this coming year to strengthen our family.
I love bubble baths.
I love my house.
I love watching jackson draw "fighter guys" then hang them up in his room.
I love a clean house.
I love/hate walmart.
I love my new calling.
I love that Jackson knows every single MICHAEL JACKSON SONG!
{and he sang them up and down the isle at walmart}
I love that I had the engery to clean up and put away CHRISTMAS by noon on the 26th.
I love when people try and bring you down. It makes you stronger. And it creates a stonger love with your friends and family who love you.
{thanks HF for that concept}
I will be not only posting about our SISTER sleepover
But i will post some pictures of the girls room.....their SURPRISE mike and I worked so hard on last week.
Now Im searching for cute laundry room makeover IDEAS!


Liseylew said...

I LOVE you!!!!! awe.. you are so inspiring ;)

Jeri said...

I love your love list! AND I also love pomegranates! I adore them actually. =)

Sounds like a good week at your place. I can't wait to see the pictures.

Stueller said...

You so remind me of me.... always on to the next thing! I LOVE it! And I have to tell you I LOVE LOVE LOVE your decorating style!