Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Im so loving being on the activities commitee
I LOVE who I get to help plan with....such FUN SPAZY ladies...
Like me!
we have such a FUN ward!
Nothing is going on EXCITING around here.
Just daily normal stuff!
Jackson hates girls.......thats pretty much it!
The girls leave to go to their dad's on friday, till Christmas day afternoon.
this has been a hard thing for the girls and I
Sooooooo Im planning a surprise for the girls when they get back...
I can't tell ya tho---cuz the girls read this.........lol
Im hopeing to pull it off with it being so close to christmas.
and IT WILL sure help pass the TIME!
MY house is Quiet....
Im going to go enjoy it while it lasts!
PS...anyone have a fun CRAFT link they can send me?
I wanna make somthin.....
HURRY---im feelin IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


~Ali~ said...

I'm feelin it too!!! eekk!! that looks like a great Christmas party! And fun ward! And Way to go Jackson!!! Atta boy! Girls are stinky and have cooties!!! hee hee

Stacy said...

Make your ribbon wallet!!