Wednesday, December 30, 2009

And they shall {love} me.........

HERE is the FINAL project!!!!!
WOW----you don't think rooms are all that time consuming......
mike and I worked 3 days on these two rooms.... :)
Abbie and Autumn were THRILLED, and screamed like little girls!
{Just so you KNOW---their walls were just toupe color, and NOTHING on the walls...}
Still more to finish up.......I get to anxious to get started on OTHER projects, So I hope i get to them before I move on.....
I did make the girls these ROSETTE head bands...
Ahhhhhh I LOVE THEM!
to cute eh? and so VERY easy!!!
Oh my dear little sweet, angel!
what am I gunna do with you?
You get into pretty much EVERYTHING.....
cleaner {thanks for bleaching your clothes the other day, luv you!}
toliet paper
toliet water
Toliet paper and toliet water TOGETHER!!!!
dog food. Dog water {thank you for cleaning the floor with it}
cereal. {thank you for empting the WHOLE box on the floor, max really enjoyed fruit loops}
thank you for throwing your pudding on the floor too. Max seemes to like pudding.
books, that are now paper-less books!
climbing on anything where you can get to water. {i really loved cleaning up the flood in the downstairs bathroom, that was fun, the floor needed cleaning anyways}
GUM!!....ew gum! GIRLS SHUT YOUR DOORS!! :)
You all think i don't watch her right? RIGHT?
eh hem.........Im not kidding when I say, i leave for 30 seconds.....
or I think Abbie is watching ?????{nope, she is texting}
Or autumn is watching???????....{nope, she is singing and danceing}
she is the cutest thing in the world.
we love her so.
ha! well----its true, right?
who has a 13 year old raise their hand!
Ok, then!
A quick brief on last nights "sister" sleepover!
it was AMAZING! fantastic!
had a photoshoot in the snow!
had fondu
watched chic flicks
played ping pong {Thanks SANTA!}
ATE---ate, ate and then ate!
did toes
then did some engery work. My sister kim does foot zoneing!
the most amazing thing int he WORLD!
Annnnnnd, we all got to bed before midnight!
all 13 of us!
{sisters and all neices}
I loved having them all over. I didn't want them to go home!
I think we may have just made a tradition?
we did it ONCE, its tradition now! LOL
I will post pictures soon from our NIGHT!
tomorrow we are off to spend the new years with my family in Logan.... :)
Then to come back and prepare a TEEN PARTY here..
20 I nuts?
boys and girls!
i think we shall have a ping pong tornament!
ok----ENOUGH rambling!
I will leave you with Jackson's most FAMOUS sayins!
Me: Where is Abbie?
Jackson: Umm....talking to a boy on the phone
Me: WHO??
Jackson: Umm, i dunno, some one she is probually in love with.
ew. I hate girls in love.
Except you mom. Cuz your in love with daddy.
{then kisses me on the cheek}


Shawntae said...

soo cute. You can come decorate my house if you'd like! You have the best taste

Shelley Hansen said...

Love it.. Their rooms are so cute.. Love the colors that you did them in as well..
Charlee... she is so cute.. marker and all! Josiah and her are very close in age.. I think a month apart... He in now loves to climb on chairs, tables, any thing really.. and then he stands up... and just balances.. it scares me to death.. He likes it though..

Liseylew said...

aww!!!! love the girls rooms!!!! Poor Bean.. she did not get so lucky in the energetic and creative mom department :(

Jeri said...


The rooms are to die for. I love your headbands too! GO TAKE A NAP SO THE REST OF US CAN CATCH UP TO YOU!

Simone drew a purple mural on the back of my bedroom door while I was in the shower! She didn't like me for trapping her in there! Stinker! Did your other kids do stuff like this?? Because Simone does crazy stuff, and my other two didn't do this!

Love you to bits!

Margie said...

Annie you are so talented!! LOVE the rooms and LOVE the headbands. You should sell them, I would by one!

By the way, my mom is signed up for your manual class. She is so excited. Her name is Tammy, watch for her, she might need a little extra help :)

Jane said...

Love, Love, Love the rooms!! I wish I had your talents and visions.

And that Charlee is adorable...markers and all.

Ehlers Family said...

I love the rooms!! Seriously how cute. I cant believe how big the girls are getting. Gotta love Jackson!!

Rileigh said...

Hi, these rooms are awesome. I am Jeri's cousin Rileigh and you may not know it yet, but we are friends... good friends, we just haven't met yet.

Anonymous said...

you guys are all SO NICE!!!! :)
and funny!!

Adore you all!