Saturday, January 2, 2010


"No empty chairs on earth or in heaven"
This has been a saying in our family for a LONG time now.
When i was thinking in my brain of mush about our sister photoshoot, it CAME TO ME!
so I gathered some of my photography chairs I have collected
as I invisioned in my head.
{thank you to marissa vargason photography}

After Our super FUN FREEZING session in the snow....

{not kristi....she has to go back to work} :(

we missed her!!!

we went and grabbed Subways and headed back to my house {where the girl cousins were waiting} and we ALL got into our jammies.

After we ate.........

we broke out the FONDUE!

and Breads and oil dips!


After we were so STUFFED and sick.....

we headed downstairs for alittle ping pong action!

along with:

"the pee dance"

its must be a walker thing! cuz we ALL GOT IT!

{thanks mom}


Then we headed back upstairs for a MOVIE and popcorn!

"How to lose a guy in 10 days"

love that movie!


we actually got all situated and everyone into their beds before MIDNIGHT!!



We woke up and ATE......

and then we all did "Glitter" toes!


we waited till it stopped snowing around noon and everyone left home.


I love my sisters

I love our relationship.

I love that I have 5 eternal friends.


Amie said...

Gosh we are so Fabulous with a capital F!...aren't we! LOL.....Loved it!

Keri said...

That is like HAWT with a HUGE capital H! I LUFF THEM!!!!!!! Lets go to print! Annie we all need some.

Anonymous said...

We RAWK...with a capital "R"!

Yes when things calm down next week, we can put in a print order :)

Enlightenment said...

NANNIE GOAT! Darling post! We are the best of friends!

Shelley Hansen said...

FUN with a capitol F!

Amie said...

Wow, I started a Trend with a capital T!

Simply Lavender said...

I see halos......that means 5 gorgeous angels with a capitol A who are sisters with a capitol S and friends with a capitol F!!

Ma & Pa are in line for the prints too!!

THANK YOU Marissa!!!


Plain City Dickamores said...

what fun!! i love the pictures, beautiful, beautiful girls..

Liseylew said...

love that post! You all are so beautiful!! fun fun fun!!!

Jeri said...

Cutest sisters on the planet! I love chair idea...and with the QUOTE. So cute!

Megan said...

Those pictures are darling! Looks like you had a wonderful time! I love seeing how fun you all are and what great things you do together! So fun!! :)

Giff and Shirelle said...

Hi there! You don't know me and I don't know you but I found your blog from the Dunford girls. I know this is probably random but I just have to tell you how freakin fabulous and creative you are! I love your decorating and I've gotten so much inspiration and ideas from you! You have such a talent and I would die to have just a bit of your creativity! Thanks for the ideas! ;)
Shirelle H.

Torri P said...

SO FUN! Your pics turned out so stinking cute!!!