Saturday, January 23, 2010


Here we are again.....
I Dunno if I can do this every will know ALL MY dirty laundry
Its actually SATURDAY now....
oh well.
Uh hum!
* I thought about killing someone yesterday.
* ok, actually two!
* but then I would have to do the whole "death sentence thing" and then I decided against it.
*I may or MAY not have peed my pants a FEW times.
*Im addicted to my phone and computer and blogging and PINK sweatsuits.
*i haven't cleaned the downstairs bathroom for 2 weeks.
*I give my 21 month old diet pepsi.{kim don't hurt me}
*My closet has MOUNDS of clothes waiting to be hung up!
* My pantry is OCD organized. It will last one day.
* Im a HOUSE hog.
{meaning....every extra SPACE we stuff is in it!...poor hubby}
*I spell bad.
don't judge..... :)
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Stacy said...

I just figure Steve gets his office at work which means that I get something at home. I think it is fair.

Kimberly Watts said...

Annie - I will let you decide about the "pop" thing after you take my class in the fall and really understand what it does to your sweet 21 month old innocent daughter.
LOVES!!!! tons of HUGS!

Kimberly Watts said...

I didn't mean that as harsh as that sounded.....sorry

Alicia said...

love your posts!! you are an amazing woman mom and photographer!!