Saturday, January 9, 2010

new things........

I love new things.......
I love them even more, when I make them!
Rosette necklace.
Perfect for sunday dress tomorrow!
So sad my scripture covers are not finished. :(
they will have to come with me NAKED!
I have been inspired lately.
And im not talking about making this necklace.
I have a project I have been working on....
A photography project.
For its my children I treasure.
Im still trying to learn my camera's FULL potential
I hope I am finished soon so I can share.


Jayme said...

So pretty!! You are amazing, Annie!

Keri said...

So cute!!!! Do you have instructions on how to make those rosettes? Can you email them to me? I luv them.

Rileigh said...

I have to say the blue room with the pictures on the tree, because I have that very same picture cut out in my book of favorite things, because I LOVE IT! See I told you we were friends :)