Friday, January 15, 2010


Cutest idea!!!
I CONFESS------click on the button above to learn why :)
* I never make mine or my kids beds
* I can really sing. But don't tell anyone cuz I get diarrhea thinking of singing in front of people.
*No American Idol for me. But I think i would be a great rockstar!
* I fart all the time. Even on my husband and kids.
*I have gone to walmart alot without a bra on.
* i just wear a heavy coat or a hoodie
* I sing in front of the mirrior and around the house like im madonna.
I sing in the car like im someone cool wearing sunglasses.
* I swear
* I sluff church sometimes.
*I got in alot of fights in high school...I have a scar on my knuckle from a girls teeth
* I can be really mean and kick some booty if I need to.
* Im not really feeling comfortable confessing right now
*but I know my friends will still love me.
* I was a naughty teenager
* I have apologized to my mother 90 times!
* I have sence developed an amazing relationship with glad he has a sence of humor :)
the end.


Melissa said...

Seriously. How adorable are you. Super duper adorable. Except I'm afraid if I say that you will punch me. :) Why make beds? They're just gonna pee I mean sleep in them again.

Thanks for playing! You totally made my day.

Liseylew said...

you are soooo funny!!! I fart all the time?? you crack me up! LOve LOVE LOVE you to peices!!! even your stinky but!!!

Jeri said...

This was the funniest!

I know that naughty teenager! She was also the sweetest, and let me borrow her clothes all the time.

I don't want to confess anything..I am not going to click on that link!

Chief said...

Ive always thought the Lord knew I couldn't handle a teenage girl like me so he sent me boys!

I haven't apologized to mom yet... I still I think I was right

Stacy said...

So fun isn't it. But my friend you have to try harder next week. Nothing I did not already know!!! We might be too real with each other???? Love you always.

Natalie said...

You are the coolest - thanks for giving me a big smile this morning. I love "real life" blog posts :)

~Ali~ said...

hahahahahaha Are you serious??? I FREAKING love this post! Everything you put in there I do too! LOL Except know I can sing, cause I know I can't but do anyway! and I love the diarhea comment! haha You crack me up....and you are right...even after confessing all this...all your real friends will still love you! I do!! MUAH!

Megan said...

You are hilarious! Girl fights? Really? Farting all the time? That, is more believeable! Just teasing. LOL. You are a gem! :)

Marissa Vargason said...

bwahahah okay im laughing way hard. You seriously are the funniest person even if your naughty, im glad i have a bestie that can kick some girls a$$ if i need her too ;)ps is a$$ considered a swear? if so i swear too =)

Nicole said...

OOOhHHH!! I love it! But here is the thing....I never saw you as a naughty girl. You were always darling! You and your friend (Jeri?) had the cutest clothes ever! Confession: I swear and fart too. ALL the time. :) haha!

Folkman Family of Five said...

Love it!