Monday, January 11, 2010


I feel Like I really am.....
MY MIND IS RACING......all the time.
I get up in the night to write down ideas...and thoughts.....{thanks mommy dearest}
and I CANNOT for the life of me SIT STILL!
{ask mike.....its hard to sit through a movie}
I am itching to re-create my new home to be MORE ME.
not the cookie cutter look of homes now a days.
So like I have posted before,
I wanted to :
do my laundry room
my bedroom
and I want to re-do my STUDIO to be more professional!
{I haven't even finished the girls room....ha!, ...back to the crack issue}
In my searchings....
this is what I have come across.......
and You get the wonderful privledge to listen to me RAMBLE on about my ideas.....
your so lucky!
I love this tree idea.....I was thinking this for my studio? as it would crawl UP above onto the ceiling......more WILD looking tho......... :)
I wanna just JUMP ON THIS BED!!!!!!!!!!!!
Charlee's room of course........I WANT TO marry those tissue flowers!
Ok----i need this.
maybe 9 of them!
What I adore about this work space.....
I can have 3 different spaces.
*Office/bills/home stuff.
I think i need this.
I love this little space....
BUT its not really practical for me......
but what I do love it this SAYING!
which is the story of my life.
but to be honest.....I think i have almost Conquer this in my life....
{my mom has this by her desk too}
this room is so fun!
luv the rack for her little clothes.
WOULD NOT work for me.......hello? charlee?
but i do like the flag banner across the wall!
CANVAS to cover.......simple cheap ART!!!!!
{But, should hire a photographer for art instead....wink wink}
Looook closely.....its a TREE
with pictures on it!
family TREE? ......kinda
This room's walls remind me of my studio.
I LIKE THE simple-NESS of this room.....very clean.
the tree is so the leaves!
altho---hate the bird house......sorry!
I have a LOVE/HATE relationship with this room!
its so LOUD!!!!!!!!!!!
but i love it in a not sure why???
I love the IDEA of these OLD camera's as art.
BUT its kinda gay looking.....
but the idea is FANTASTIC!!!!
CUTE for studio???
If my bonus room wasn't the STUDIO!
it would be the most FUNNEST ROOM for my daughters.....
I have two little "COVES" with windows for two beds........oh the possiablities!
But, its not...... :)
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH is all i have to say about this IDEA!
Studio for sure!!
Charlee's room?
I need frames.......
Ok......does your brain hurt?
are you overwhelmed?
WELL....listen up!
Comment on your FAVORITE picture
I will put them into a drawing....
whoever WINS...
I will let you know Wed morning!
I will make you a rosette headband :)
Im cool....I know.


Jacob said...

Hey Annie!! Found your blog. SO cute! I totally need you to come and help me decorate my house! I need some SERIOUS help. We just did some re-modeling and painting but that's as far as I go. I have NO decorating skills WHATSOEVER! bTW- that teal/pink baby nursery with the brown tree on the wall and the painted and 3-d flowers on it (the one that says "Sophia Marie" on the wall above the crib) is the exact nursery that I plan to copy! I found it online a while ago and fell in LOVE with it. I even bought a pink chandalier (HOT deal at Hobby Lobby- $25.00!) and I have the exact crib in the picture. I can't WAIT to finish it!

Jacob said...

Sorry, Annie. That's not Jacob's comment. I was just still signed in as him. :) This is Betheny Tomseth. ;)

Amie said...

OK!!! Now my head is spinning, and it couldn't be from the excedrin I took this morning! LOL! I LOVE the idea of organizing your "crap" so to speak. The frame with the scissors in it and the organization below it. Man, Chad is going to be busy! I want that HUGE desk with the three different stations, but where to put it?? hmm! I may have to take over the boys room! LOL! I am now going to "Keep calm and carry on" with my day! Love the post Annie! :)

Kacee said...

I LOVE the nursery with those tissue flowers! I also love the white bedroom! Wish those were the rooms in my home!

Alicia said...

Annie, I would love love the workspace with three different areas and all three of those would need to be for me too!! I have stuff everywhere usually where it is not supposed to be!! love the headband!

Megan said...

I know what you mean about having your mind race with ideas of what to make and create! I have had those nights for sure! Awesome!! I love that all of these are so beautiful and so YOU! I am still searching for "ME" in my decorating, so I just don't do much, I fear! Although, I have found the inspiration for our ugly piano\dining room, but just need to get it done.....!! But, I LOVED the craft\office\sewing space and would like one of those, thank you very much!!!!!

Can Jackson come play sometime this week? LMK......any day works for me this week! LOVE ya!

Betheny & Jacob said... are awesome! I have been wondering FOREVER about what to do in my entryway. I so wanna do the "Family Tree" with the picture frames! I LOVE it. I miss my fam so much and need it as a coping mechanism. I also need to somehow incorporate a coat/backpack rack in the entryway too.... like I said before...I can't wait for you to cross the street and share your fabulous brain. Jacob can do any construction I need, I just need the ideas!

Simply Lavender said... are scaring me! lol...
I can't send you any more blog sites!! You are out of control!
You had better stock up on the posty notes!! AH! favorite room is the yummy white shabby-dabby bedroom!


Arizona Manwarings said...

I would defentaly say my fav is the AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH room, so cute and it would be an awsome studio.

Nicole said...

Pick Me Pick Me! All of those rooms are so cute! The Damask curtains can be found at Target. I have them in my living room :) I am turning my guestroom into my studio so thanks for some fun ideas :)

Torri P said...

AWESOME pics! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the 3 station work space! I NEED that!! I have one tiny desk that I try to do EVERYTHING on.....and that space, is AMAZING! I guess I better work on the house to put that in first ;)

Jennie Moore said...

Annie, okay for the tree idea I like pic number one. i just saw on a design show that they took some poster board outside and traced the shadow of the tree on the board and then cut it out and spraypainted it on. if not that, then I saw that hobby lobby (in logan) has vinyl shapes like chairs, chandeliers, and trees to put up on the wall, much like pic #1. Just an FYI!

Enlightenment said...

WOW Annie! your brain! I love the room with the famiy tree wall - LOVE the office - That is what I want my office to look like - sort of ...with softer paint and softer color frames and ifferent pictures - so maybe not the whole office but I STILL LOVE the picture and want it to look somewhat like it.....ummm.......

Margie said...

Oooh I loved this post! So many fun decorating ideas to look at! I am really loving the one that had all of the covered canvas art. I want to do it in my house now for sure. Lots of great ideas. Thanks for the fun reading!

Shellie said...

Im glad Im not the only one feeling like I am on crack right now, maybe the soda companies are slipping something in our drinks! My mind is going crazy too I just wish I had the body strength to keep up! I would love to redo my rooms or at least pull them together like I had always dreamed of them being like. That is truly the hard part is getting from visualization to the actual product. I love all your ideas. Love the old cameras in the frames. It is so not gay, its gay cool!!!!Just remember to write down ideas as they come. If you are like me I get flooded then for about a week I have nothing. Good luck, I can't wait to see more, your pictures are so inspiring!!!! xoxoxoxo Shellie

Erin said...

Hi Annie! Me again :) I LOVE all of these spaces! I would have to say though I LOVE LOVE the last picture (black and white room) SO CLASSY! I WANT IT!

Heidi Hiller said...

I LOVE the family tree idea behind that desk! SO cool... I never would have noticed it actually is you hadn't told us to look closely! :)

Jeri said...

You are the best thing in the world. I have the same black and white studio images saved in my inspiration folder! I bought the those lovely templates and used them a few times in clients homes...I forgot about my own dang home! =)

Hey I have a photog friend that has that same sign except the words read "CAUSE CHAOS and RUN." I like that one much better for you!

I love the three distinct work spaces, and all the trees. I have these super cool blossoms that just stick on with magnets.... (I paid way more at Urban Outfitters.) They would be cute on a tree.

Cindy-Stitches-N-Stuff said...

Annie, I'm going to win. I love the picture towards the bottom. It's black and white and you said if would be for you studio. Love it!


Shelley Hansen said...

All these comments for the headband? Well, okay I can play that.. I guess..
The Family tree with the pics on it.. one..
But, I also like the camera in the frame for a studio look?
NO, NO, NO, It is the bed one that you could just jump on!
SEND me some of that ENERGY>> would ya? ;)

Amy said...

I love all of your ideas but my favs are the master bedroom. I love the head board made with the old door and the gate that came from great granny's garden. I think the the peg board frames are way cute as well. Lastly I love the beds in the walls! I wish my home had a room like that for my girls! They'd love it too!

I love reading your blog. You are an amazing woman!

Pieces of Us said...

I love that tree you want to put in Charlee's room. The tissue flowers are so cute!

BryceandSally said...

Annie, I love your blog!! I hope you don't mind if I look at it. You give me inspiration. I love the little girls room with the flags, I might do that for Brylee.

Folkman Family of Five said...

I don't know if you are still doing the giveaway, if not, I still wanted to say my favorite room is the office with the family tree painted on the wall with the balck and white photos. I had lots of favorites, but this is one I could see in my house! Great Pics!