Friday, January 15, 2010

Snow days........

Whats going on in the West World:
Have a true Religion JEANS party tonight at my house @ 7:00, with food I made.....i know your proud! everyone COME!!
Autumn made the school play "101 dalmations"
she is so HAPPY!
{im bothered tho that some have tried out for plays every year and never make it...makes me UPSET!!!!!}
I have booked my very own FIRST WEDDING and engagments, I jumped on the bed screaming while My husband layed there watching me be dumb!
Mike and I and Abbie and my nephew are going skiing/snowboarding tomorrow. First time in 4 years...
Charlee keeps showing signs of potty training...
see...I have proof!

I know...gross!
I took Charlee in a little snow session yesterday.
she is hard.
I Only got 6 pictures!
I told her to look at mommy!
Look at Mommies NOSE!
Where is Mommies EYES?
Where is my CRAZY HAIR???
she just said "NO!"
and then "WHY?"
and then "NO!" again!
So, we packed up and came home.
here is the ones I got...... :)



~Ali~ said...

LOVE the poop!!! hahahahaha Yeah...I would try getting a potty and she how she reacts!! She is going to be one of those easy ones!!! And where, oh where do you get that aDOOOORable head band?? ;o) hee hee I knew you'd do your own thing with it and that is why I left if blank! Looks adorable!!! And the pics turned out cute! Looks like the ones you got are totally worth the trip out! Good job!!! P.S. I wanna come tonight, but I don't know if I wanna come and just eat! LOL I would have to ask Ryan if I could get him a pair! Maybe I'll see ya! MUAH!

Jeri said...

You took at picture of poop!

Love the snow pictures, and her outfit!

Hey. I have trick for making my own kids look! They are top secret though so I'll email you.

Good luck with the jeans party. I wish I was there to buy a some.


Heidi Hiller said...

They sure look good for her being so hard!! I love them!
The poop... i'm glad other moms experience the same wonderful gifts from their kids too! :)