Monday, January 4, 2010

take this challange with me......


So....some of this story is to personal to share with the world.

So will just keep it locked up in my treasured thought box for me to remember!



But THIS, i will share!!

I have have had DREAMS, THOUGHTS, SIGNS lately.

all pointing to "READING THE SCRIPTURES"

now, this is a big thing for me. Being I have never read the WHOLE book through. ever!

who has time? is what I always say.

my intentions are always good...i.e, leaving them by the night stand!

nope---doesn't work for me!


But something has lead me right to them. Fallin right on my lap so to speak!

Sunday, was an amazing day. All the peices to the puzzle fit.

I hope I remember the feelings and things that happened yesterday, forever!!

One thing I will share is.....

Autumn got a big ear ache during sacrament. I was going to just take her and the little ones home and stay. She says to me "Mom, take me home but please come back to church and go to your class..ok?"

I hesitated, but I did!

and im so thankful I did. I bore my testimony in R.S. about how amazing this day was and weeks leading up to it.

anyways----All the ladies in my ward were giving the challange to read the book of mormon by April 10th, starting yesterday.


I know in my heart that Satan hates families. Wants to ruin them.

This is another tool I will have to stengthen MINE!

I talked to the girls last night, and we have decided to do it together, everynight.

im so happy to get to do this with my daughters.

and Im so excited to watch them grow and see the blessings.... :)


So...... I want to challange YOU!

to do the same......we can report back and forth together!!

my mom already joined us! :)

who's in?????



Brenda @Just a Bed of Roses said...

just so you can omit saying..."and it came to pass" so many times~!!!

Cindy-Stitches-N-Stuff said...

I'm so happy you've had your commitment to read moment. It must have been a wonderful moment. You won't be sorry. It's not a very long book. I read longer ones all the time.

I haven't visited you for some time, you are still that darling new friend of mine. I love your pictures. I also love that you have all those sisters. I have none!

Happy new year.

Hall Family Highlights said...

Hey! I am one of your blog "stalkers"! I love it! I went to school with you and Amie! I love your blog. But I must say this lasp post got me. I have been having some struggles lately. I keep thinking I should open my BOM but just keep putting it off. Then I read your post early this morning( I usually read it later on) and it hit me. This too is my answer! Thanks so much for sharing! Your amazing! Keep up the great work!

Emily (Waters) Hall

Anonymous said...

EMILY!! hi!!
SO unexpected to hear from you...what a treat! :)
im so happy you felt inspired....just as I was. I LOVE when we find answers...and most of the time its right in front of our face!!


Megan said...

Sounds good. I am almost done; am in Mormon right now and then I will start over with you! I have read the BOM many times and it never ceases to teach me something new. Good for you. It is hard to find time, but I tell myself if I can find time to play on the internet, or what TV, I can find time to read each day! Go girl!

Megan said...

Oops, I meant "watch" TV! Sorry! :)

Jennie Moore said...

I will take that challenge... BRING IT ON!!! BTW, a little trick that works for me. I always start in Alma and work my way around so I am not reading Nephi and the "isaiah chapters" over and over again. Just a thought!

Liz H said...

I'm a week late Annie - but I'm taking the challenge with you. This is going to make General Conference and Easter absolutely AMAZING!

Torri P said...

hi Annie!! Me and my girls actually started on the 4th! We are reading every morning. I think it will take us longer then April, but I agree...what a better way to fight off satan! I can already see a difference in the mornings! LOVE starting our day off with the scriptures!