Tuesday, January 12, 2010


goodbye abbie.
goodbye aum.
goodbye jackie.

see you after school.
i love how this picture tells a story:
baggie of food.
naked baby.
chubby legs.
early morning sunlight.
looking out the window
as the kids get into the carpool car, leaving her behind.


Simply Lavender said...

AWH...............that brought tears to these gramma eyes and heart!!!
As the saying goes, *a picture IS worth a 1000 words*!
Love you forever Miss Charlee Ann!


Heidi Hiller said...

So fun!! It sure does tell a story AND it brings back memories for me: I remember having to stay behind when my sisters went to school - it wasn't fun!! School ROCKS!! At least it did when I was too young to go to school! :) he he

Jeri said...

Cute girl! She has mommy all to herself though.

Amy! said...

What a darling mom you are! Just happened upon your blog.. You are amazing!!!

Amy! said...

P.S. Love the pic.. It really does tell a story :)

Rick & Danielle said...

That makes me want to cry!!! ah she is soooo cute!