Friday, January 22, 2010

hello gorgeous!

I got brand spankin new scriptures...ive wanted since forever...
Buh bye my most cherished 25 year old scriptures.

For all you out there.
stand a little taller today!


Simply Lavender said...

They are indeed GORGEOUS! Nice work on the cover!! love it!! love the wrapped key!! the REAL work begins....:)
Now you get to break them in!
Get out the red pencil and the red ink pen. Get a cup of hot chocolate and *get to work*. :)
Thanks for the BOM challenge and for inspiring me to read along with you and the girls! It has been a mountain-size good thing!!!
We love you lots. Carry on!!


Jeri said...


Loved hearing that little bit of your testimony the other day.

My Mom says you can tell a set of well used scriptures when the pages don't stick together anymore. I always think of her when I find a page or two that are stuck together from never being read. OH, but that never happens to ME anymore! =)

Cindy Geilmann said...

I Love those vintage scriptures. So creative, I would never have thought of that. Are you coming to the Bloggers Luncheon in Farmington on the 16th? You'd better so I can see you.