Tuesday, January 13, 2009



Anyone need dinners? LOL

I got some now.

Holy shmoolies----Im soooooooooo excited to try all these recipes.

So yummy---and so relistic!

Did you print like I said? If not---DO IT!

* ok----well I have a few things to mention tonight*

1. THE GIRLS MADE TRYOUTS!! {more then 100 tried out, only 60 made it} I really wish all the children could have made it. I mean really, Who do you CUT? The play is Jungle book! Im glad both Abbie and Autumn made it and not just one.... :(

2. I fit into my jeans now...{whatever, its been 9 months}

3. I had three helpings of Cherry Cheese cake tonight............don't comment please.

4. WE have our FIRST showing of our house tomorrow {ok--when you read this it will probually be TODAY} sale baby sale!

5. Jackson was playing with Charlee and was smackin her cheeks..{in a fun way} Well he got her to hard once and she started to cry---JACKSON darts off to his room, in the closet SOBBING.

I go get him, he says " Mom, im a bad boy" {waaaaaaaaaaa} He felt so bad he cried on and off the rest of the night. Jackson is my sweet boy. I know he will always be so sweet to Charlee and me....he just can't handle making anyone in our family upset at him. I luv him!

6. Now that Im at 6---I better make it to 10

7. My sister is going to make me a Custom {funk, shabby, vintage, victorian, to die for} Camera bag----I am dying. With all the DO DADS I need. SHE IS THE BAG queen. I will post when I get it. So all you fellow Photog's--get ready she might be OFFERING them.

8. NO! it wasn't mikes work{oil refinary} that when up in smoke yesterday---it was another refinary close tho Chevron. "phew"

9. I am almost to 10

10. Is anyone else sick of watching the news? About the economy?

Lets go BUY SHOES!!!

ohhh wait---I did---I shall post them {tomorrow} :)


Marissa Vargason said...

Annie you crack me up. I do need a new pair of shoes, but I think ill stimulate the economy buying fabric backdrops and props lol. But again I must look good! Glad jackson is sweet and mike is safe and to see beautiful pics of the kids. Tell abbi and autumn congrats!

Megan said...

I love reading your blog. It makes me smile every time! You are such a doll and have the best outlook on life! I just luv ya! ((hugs)).

Good luck with the house showing!!! Buy it, people!

jeni said...

Hi there. I found your blog through Brenda at Just a Bed of Roses. You are the cutest thing ever and I love reading your blog. Thanks for sharing. Cute family.

~Ali~ said...

Did someone say Shoes??? MMMMM--shoes (homer simpson voice) hee hee Your girls are just as talented as youa re...it is no wonder they made it! YAY A&A!!!! Jacksie...always a little gentleman! Love him to death!! And little Charlee is going to be the toughest girl around! lol She's going to be playing fighter guys with Jacksie! lol Lots going on huh?!?!? lol Glad it is all good! *MUAH* Love ya!

The Sumkos said...

Lots of fun stuff going on!!! I didn't know you were selling your house, where are you going? Congrats to the girls, that is awesome. And, congrats on the pants - OH HAPPY DAY!!

Anonymous said...

We are just going further down west into Syracuse---by the girls school....so not far from where we are now... :)

Simply Lavender said...

WAY TO GO A&A!!!! (that brings back memories....we always used to say A&A for Amie & Annie)...:)
So glad that both of them made it!
Like you said tho...too bad all the kids who try out can't be given some kind of part. :(
It's a scary thing to try out!
Should be a fun activity for them!!
WE LOVE JACKSON!! what a funny guy!

And you know I'm always up for buying new shoes!! But since I got 3 new pair for Christmas....I need to be good for a while. Dang it...


Shelley Hansen said...

Have fun in the play girls!