Thursday, January 29, 2009


{Picture taken from my mothers garden}

I had to post this on my photo blog today.


I am inspired by many---{and I'm not only talking photography} My dad, My mother, my friends, My husband, many who have trials---many who don't. Abbie and Autumn inspire me.
My sisters ROCK! My dog Max inspires me---oh how hard would it be to be a dog. Children who laugh when they are sick. Mothers who have lost their sweet children. Those who smile when they are sad. Those who are positive when they are hurting inside.


I never get to ponder and think during the day. My days are to hectic.

Nights when everyone is asleep and its quiet {ahhhhhhhh can you hear the birds chirping, its so lovely} and I can finally have me time.


I dunno why I have thought this today.
I just know That HF put only one of me and one of you here.
So why not embrace.....luv me......hug me.....and be the best me!



I don't really know where Im going with this....
Probably because I feel so blessed. {Give a "HOLLA" if you feel blessed too}
My dad calls me almost every day with a thought, encouragement, I luv you's.
My mom rocks! and I always go to her house to steal cute things.

My sisters love me for who I am---I am the baby of the family, so I was bratty---{can you just believe that?} They love me, support me. I have hurdled some HUGE mountains, they were there helping me....I did not climb alone.


My husband.........

{ok tears streaming}

How in The world did HF know I needed him?
Its not easy being divorced with two small children.....but Mike came and made everything ok.

He loved me-----


When we have hardships---its hard to look at the good, especially during the "CRAP" time. But just look back, really think back--even tho you would never wanna do that again, are you grateful for who you have become?

I have.




So this is what I'm going to do for Feb.
{besides it the most wonderful time of the year...Mike and I got married on V-day}

Feb 1st-14th

Every day till Valentines day I will post a pic of something that I LOVED that day.
whether it be Jackson laughing during cartoons
good hair day
pre-school drawing
clean house
mike walking in the door from


IF YOU would like to join-----DO IT!
be creative and really think about things during the day that you {heart}


The end!
Go be the BEST U!


Amie said...

Annie, you are too cute. I just love you! :)

Shelley Hansen said...

I am glad that I am me.. Hard times and all! I prasie God for saving me from such a life, and bring me to where I am today!

Simply Lavender said...

OK..........just having a good cry....
will write more later!


~Ali~ said...

You really are the BEST Annie ever! lol And you have inspired me to have a good day...This was the first thing that I read when I woke up and what a great thing to wake up to! I really do have alot to be thankful for in my life, whether I think about them or not. And I think that I just might copy you...lets see if I can do it! I {heart} you Annie! I hope that I can be as happy and upbeat as you! You RAWK!!! and a very big **MMUUAAHH**!!!

Margie said...

So beautiful!!! Sometimes we all need a reminder...

Heidi said...

So beautiful Annie! You ARE you and that is wonderful... we love you and hardly really know you, but only through your blog... I don't mind though... I secretly have a crush on you!! he he
Isn't Valentine's day FUN with kids and a hubby!?

Ehlers Family said...

You got married on Valentines Day? So jealous.. It is so nice to take a big deep breath and realize everything will be ok.

Megan said...

That was such a great post, Annie Lou. Thanks for sharing. I need to be a little more grateful! I have let things get me down and it is easy to let what you don't have, overshadow what you do have! So, thanks for the reminder and prod to count my many blessing. (P.S. I still want a baby reeeaaalllly bad, tho!)

Count me in for Feburary. Cute idea, btw. Ready set, go! Love ya, chick.

Jeri said...

I am totally joining you.

I loved this post Annie. You are such a special person, and I am so so happy that you are part of my life again. You are so inspiring in so many ways.

Brenda @Just a Bed of Roses said...

I will join you too! What beautiful nighttime thoughts. We all have problems and then we just have to laugh to make the load lighter to bear. A sense of humor is what gets us through and gratitude.Your precious, thanks for sharing your family.