Friday, January 23, 2009


{don't you love M.Mouse Vintage style?}
WE are going to Disneyland in MARCH! yes!!!!!!
Anyone know where we can get discount tickets? Great hotels?
I wanna hear from EVERYONE who has gone with their families
And what you have done!
Let the planning began!


Tausha said...

When we went a couple of years ago-we didn't have to pay for anything-so I don't have any tips for you that way.
But-I did a very smart thing-there is disney crap everywhere and it's all really expensive. I went to the dollar store and got the same stuff for way cheep!!!! I bought something for everyday and wrapped it up. They got to pick something everyday. It was great-I didn't have to spend a bunch of money and my kids got the disney stuff without the disney price.
Also-take water and treats with you into the park. Everything is super expensive! This will save you a bunch of cash and whiny children!
You are going to have a blast!'
I am also jealous that you are going to Rascall FLatts. Even though I have already seen this concert tour-I still love them.
Happy Early Birthday!
I am anxiously waiting to hear when Keith Urban is coming to Salt Lake. THey haven't released the dates yet. I love him. I tell my girls that he is my boyfriend, they think that I am weird. Isn't that how moms are supposed to be?

Thanks for the kind commments. I appreciate the support. You are great! Your pics are darling!
Ok-I think that I talked long enough. Have a great weekend!

Heidi said...

Oh my gosh... my info. would be so long as a comment!! Maybe I'll email it to you... especially when i'm feeling smarter! My brain hasn't started working yet today!!

~Ali~ said...

I of course haven't been since Mike has and it's been a long long time...but I have heard that there are people who have the best route to take and ride the could try looking around for that. And I have also heard that depending on the time of year, the speed pass can be worth the money. Might wanna look into that. Sounds fun! I wish we could go! :o( Have fun!

~Ali~ said...

Oh....and please tell me that you aren't going to make Mike wear a mickey shirt...haha I always think the grown men that wear those are a little kookie! lol

Tanada said...

If you know anyone who is a California resident, they may be able to buy tickets for you for way cheaper than you buy them. We lived in Florida for a while and just being residents lets you buy for cheaper, or if you know anyone who works for Disney they can get them really cheap for you. Also if you go on someone's birthday they get in for free (but you probably knew that).

Tanada said...

Sorry I just thought of something else. If you stay at a Disney resort you get to go during early and late hours when there are no lines!

Sharida said...

Hit Fanstasyland first! That's the one with all the kids rides like Dumbo, Tea Cups, Peter Pan, etc. Otherwise your usually waiting in big lines if you hit it later. The speed passes are awesome for the Big rides like "Splash Mtn", "Indiana Jones", the "Roller Coaster" at California Adventure and the "13th Floor". Definitely take your own snacks (go to a local grocery store and buy sandwich stuff) But do spend your money on the Turkey Leg(s) you find them at one of the portable carts and they are oh so YUMMY!!! We like to stay across from the park then we can walk, don't have to wait or pay for a shuttle and don't have to pay parking which is like $10+per day. And don't forget they do a baby swap too.

Washburns go every March. Nadine's not a blogger but you may want to ask her.

Also, if you watch KSL before you go a lot of people will buy 5 day park hoppers and then only use 2 or 3 days and then sell the rest so you both get the discounted deals.

Ebay also has a book for $5 that supposedly tells you all the ins and outs and secrets of Disneyland written by a former employee or something like that.

Shelley Hansen said...

Never been, but I am sure that you all will have a great time!

Brenda @Just a Bed of Roses said...

You shouldn't get me started on that subject...I love disneyworld in florida, been 3 times want to go more! We love to rent a vacation home with a pool etc. that would be perfect if you had like 15 or so going and share the cost. I too think fast passes are sometimes worth the money, its not so great going over spring break as the lines are ahhhhh waaaay to long. Usually little outside stores have great disney souveneirs. I usually just buy a few things inside disney. I love it during halloween the best.
I will check out disney on a website and see whats the same there and florida and tell you what you cant miss. I was 22 years old when I first went to Disneyland. Anticipation is half the fun. We buy the 5 day packages all on line before we go too. Oh its so much fun, so happy for you.

Megan said...

I am not sure what kind of ideas you want saving $$ probably mom got the tickets off ebay and bought them from someone that lives near Disneyland. I can't remember how much, but I do know that saved us a ton of money. I know a lot of people go and don't spend a lot on the hotel or on food, but we don't go on vacation every year, so Will was NOT going to do it "cheap"! So, I don't have any suggestions like that for you. We stayed in a pricey hotel and ate out when we felt like it and stayed in when we felt like it. LOL. But, then again, my parents took all of us. They paid for the hotel and tickets and we just had to pay to get us there and we pitched in on the food.
They do let you get a ticket for the more popular rides and then you come back at a certain time, like an hour or so later, get in a different line, and get right on. So, you don't have to spend so long in line. Go ride something else and come back. They also do parent swap. You and the girls can ride a ride while Mike stays with Jackson and Charlee and he waits near the ride entrance for you to get off. You get off, he gets on and goes again with the girls. Make sense. We didn't do this since we had plenty of adults to leave babies with.

I love the idea of giving them a gift each day so they won't want to buy something at Disneyland. I wanted to do that.....but Will was like "no way". He bought them each something and I silently screamed. Oh, well. It is great idea especially since you can get Disney stuff at the dollar store. I helped a friend of mine recently get some stuff for her kids. They went right before Christmas. She made\bought them pj pants with Mickey Mouse on them, made t-shirts with the outline of mickey's ears drawn with puff paint, she found lots of notebooks and such with the Disney theme. It was really fun to help her hunt for all that!

We did take treats into the park. But Will still bought some......that stinker. Anyway that is all I can think of. You are going to have a blast!!!!

Oh, we did the 2 day pass. One day at Disneyland and one day at California Adventure Land. We did the one were you couldn't go back and forth. One, one day and one the other. It was great. I coulda done more, actually.

Arizona Manwarings said...

If you know anyone in the military they get great discounts on tickets to Disneyland, Legoland and Seaworld.

Kylee said...

Ebay Baby! When we went last year I bought all our tickets to Disneyland, Sea World and SanDiego Zoo on Ebay and saved a bundle. We didnt have to pay for the hotel so cant help you there. Have fun! I am so jealous! We should be going again this year but Chad's client decided no audit this year due to the bad economy. So sad.

Torri P said...

Annie...Check costco if you or someone you know has a Costco card. They have a great package and it includes things like lunch with the characters and stuff like that. Also has great deals going on right now!