Thursday, January 15, 2009

Today has rainbows!!

Today has rainbows....did you know that?
I luv rainbow days----
Days where you feel happy, loved, important and hyper...YES HYPER.
{like doing the running man in your kitchen to super cool music that your kids don't think is super cool}
Look what I got? AN AWARD!!
WHY you say? And from Whoooom?
{when life gives you lemons----make some damn good lemonaid}
No---it doesn't say damn really. But i wanted to throw that in!
Cuz I have been givin some lemons in my
*Her name is the same As I bonded quickly :)
She has a darling site---must go see her.
So anyways...the award is for Sweet Yesterdays....I am so very HAPPY to have my first blog award for someone named Lemon Annie. I mean really.
Thank you Annie!
{Im feelin the need to create}
OK----look below.
If you think its ugly---its ok..... :)
But I really like it and want to make one for my craft room/area.
I {borrowed} this picture from a friend of mine...well she really isn't a "so called FREIND"---because she doesn't know me....but i think if she knew me, we would be freinds.....LOL!
Jackson minute
{I should have a Jackson minute from now}
We went to the Dentist today. They took X-rays, they raised him UP on the chair.
I was in the hall way with Charlee
Jackson says this:
I can't believe my mom is allowing me up here....{soft giggle} We should probually ask her?


Shelley Hansen said...

I have been having a slightly hyper day.. If there is such a thing! 8)


Jackson is so cute.. I love the little Jackson moments.. I will have to share them with you when I get some from him in my class.. hehe!! Any luck yet on your house? :(

Anonymous said...

YES shelly---to be "halfly" hyper I think it does the trick just as well.

Brittany---nothing on our house yet---. Its ok--the thought of packing and moving in the COLD scares me. Spring will be more do-able...but i wouldn't complain tho if it sold

~Ali~ said...

Congrats Annie! That is awesome! And it isn't really any surprise. Good work! And that is so funny about Jackson...if it was at your house you would probably be telling him to get down! lol

Amie said...

Jackson can't possibly get any cuter, but somehow he always does!!! :)

Oh and good job on the award! you deserve it :)

Megan said...

Yay to you! I do the running man all the time. So does Will. We rock!

Sorry 'bout the house. Interest rates keep dropping so maybe more buying will emerge. If they don't want your house, maybe they will want mine in North Ogden. No, we still haven't sold that house. Poopey. Poop. Poop.