Friday, January 9, 2009

Charlee has fans-------

I just want to post a quick THANK YOU. Sincerely! :)
To my friend at Just a bed Of Roses.............seen HERE
She has the most YUMMY store in Farmington....really, you HAVE TO GO!
Vintage, Shabby dabbies, Rustic, Home decor and gifts.....:)
I have known Brenda for almost 5 years. She and My mom became friends and frequently lean on each other for support and Ideas for both their stores.
ANYWAYS on to the gooey stuff----
She posted my picture of Charlee and mentioned the most sweetest things.
Brenda, This shout out is to you!!!
You are my angel.. I adore you and your creativity!
Thank you for your support and love.
{My sweetest/naughtiest Charlee is now famous}

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Kelly said...

I adore Brenda too... she is so big-hearted and funny.. glad she mentioned you on her blog, I like finding other locals- especially REAL locals! Your family is adorable!