Sunday, February 1, 2009

I luv!

My sister is the best bag maker in the world!
She custom made this Camera bag for me...I recieved it YESTERDAY----I cried!
Especially when I saw "dream" on it.
It has lens pockets and PLENTY of room for all my BEAUTIES.
Kim----I luv you!
Its sooooo me----vintage inspired!
MY NEXT luv!
These two below!
They did the workshop yesterday...I was gone from 7-7---LONG day!
Pefect day!!!! An Inspired day!

This was us outside taking pictures at Gardner Village......


Another luv I have today was:
Abbie has been SICK---really sick. 104 temp for 3 days...
Mike came hom from work friday night SICK...way sick...
We just got back from the Insta care this morning....Mike has strep.
He decided on the shot in the bum.....


You just don't, he is TERRIFIED of needles.
My luv was that not ONLY did he hold my hand?
he held my whole INTIRE body---tightly---freaking....ohhhing and awhhhing...
WE laughed all the way home.....
{where was my camrea?}


~Ali~ said...

LOVEEEEEEEE That bag!!! She did a great job on it! and sounds like the workshop was great! And what the??? Mike...the Mike I know and Love...the Mike I grew up with??? Decided on a SHOT instead of pills???? HOLY!!!!! He must have been on deaths door! lol That is so funny...I love my brudder! hee hee

Dixie said...

annie-bananie you are so sweet!! I am so glad that you love your bag i made for you--

Dixie said...

I still don't know why my name comes up Dixie- I'm Kim!! Freakin Lizards!

Jeri said...

Love the bag Dixie made!


Really though...It is so you! Cute!

I can't wait to see some of your workshop stuff! =)

Pieces of Us said...

hahahahahahaha Just picturing Mike will make me laugh for days. Haha. Funny funny.

Love love your new bag!!

Megan said...

That bag is to die for! I love it! I love the post about Mike! So dang hilarious! You guys are so cute together. :)

Shelley Hansen said...

ADORABLE BAG! Kim is cute and that bag is perfect for you..