Monday, February 9, 2009

owie #9

I luv that Jackson wanted to hug and luv on ME!
Wanted ME
Feel safe, loved and knew It would be ME to make him feel better.
I luv him!
Jackson got his Kindergarten shots today... :(
It was so sad, Im not good at the "shot" thing. I hate it!
We took a little trip over to Walmart for a "feel better" toy!
I remember these scary times when I was little...feeling the comfort and safety of my mother.
I am so glad I get to be ONE!


Anonymous said...

sweet! Little boys are THE BEST!! :) Tegunn still talks about when he got his. Trey is terrified. Glad we have a few more years before we have to do that again.

Hope The loves from mom and Indiana Jones helped him.

~Ali~ said...

Oh...poor Jackson!!! He looks so sad in that picture! lol! He really is a sweet mommas boy...but sure loves his daddy too! Hugs from mom are the best when you have an owie!!

Simply Lavender said...

AWHHHH!!! What a sweet sad face!
Sorry about the owies sweet Jackson! Hope your arm feels better really soon!!
Have fun with that new Indy toy!!
And mom keep those hugs a comin'!
It is pretty amazing what a hug from mom can do! :)
G'ma's hugs are pretty Ok too....
here's a BIG one just for you...((((()))))!


Megan said...

That is super sweet and he'll always remember stuff like that! Seth would love that toy, btw! You are a darling momma, for sure!

Heidi said...

So cute! He seems so sweet! Those kindergarten shots are a killer!

Shelley Hansen said...

I still can remember the fear I felt when I had to go and get mine! My dad took me.. I thought that they were going to shoot me.. you know with a gun! I was scared to death! I ran, hid, kicked, spit anything to keep them away from me.. My dad just sat there.. I guess he thought that if they were going to give me my shot(with a gun) they were going to have to catch me first! It took 5 nurses and the doctor to give me my shots! Man was I glad when that was over.. Needless to say, I have never been to fond of needles after that event!
I wish my parents would have bought me a toy! ;)