Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Luv x's 3

I luv that Charlee WALKED the whole kitchen today----alone :)
{giggling and laughing} I luv the Abbie and Autumn LUV her....protect her, baby her
{she is spoiled}

I luv Jackson's fighter guys.
When he is gone and moved out of the house...
I will still line them up in a row---ready for war. :)
These are keepsakes forsure!!!!!!!


~Ali~ said...

Oh LOLOL!!!!! I am dying over the pics of Charlee walking! I just can't stand it...I just LOVE that chub!! AAAHHHHH!!!! And She has the best siblings ever, doesn't she?!? No one will mess with her! lol Too cute! And The fighter guys stay!! For sure! I love that little Jacksie!! They are all so lovable!! MMMMMMMUAH!

Jeri said...

She is growing up so fast Annie! It is making me crazy...they change so quickly!

Yes, we have fighter guys all over the place. I don't love them! =) No I do...when they are off the floor.

Shelley Hansen said...

I love that my little guy, Josiah is trying to crawl/stand.. He is not sure what he is doing really.. But it gets him around! yeah, my kids baby/spoil the baby as well. I have to tell them to stop sometimes.. Let him learn on his own..
Families are great!

Rick & Danielle said...

I can't believe she is walking! What is the trick?

Simply Lavender said...

Ain't no doubt about it!!
We ADORE Charlee Ann!!! That little bitty thing walking around!!
AND of course we adore that A&A love her and watch over her. It doesn't get much better than that!
AND Jackson's fighter guys...what a treasure and what forever memories they will be!! (ok..that brings tears)