Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Funny 11

I should post about autumn turning 11 today----but that will be tomorrows...:)
I went and picked up the girls from school and took them to lunch for Autumn's birthday.
Autumn screamed..."SHOT GUN" {hate this game}
Abbie says---you can't autumn, you already had it today.
Autumn just cuz its your birthday doesn't mean you can have anyfeen you want.
Your NOT the queen!
Later on today.
me: SHOOOOOOOOOT!!!, i forgot to make the jello...{its 2:00}
Jackson: Mom, calm down---just calm down---its not that big of a deal.
I luv my kids!


~Ali~ said...

hahahahaha Jackson is so funny! He cares so much about the "shotgun" thing and he can't even sit there yet! lol Happy Birthday Autumn!! Did you get 11 spankings for your birthday?!?!? lol

Simply Lavender said...

OK.......that post made me totally laugh!!! Oh how fun is that! I love your kids too??.......uh....YAH!!!! :)

HAPPY #11 MISS AUTUMN! cutie pie!


Shelley Hansen said...

Sounds like my house.. Except they say I call front on the way home.. Jurney usually takes that cake on this one.. It is so strange to me how they only fight over the way home, and that us before they even leave the house! Kids.. Love 'em!