Monday, February 2, 2009

LUV & hate!

Today Luv!
I luved giving Charlee SPAGHETTI today for the first time!
I think Charlee APPROVED!

I have to throw in a HATE!
OK---NOT HATE, thats such a strong word...
I really DIS-LIKE that my washer broke today.
I was bound too---its old!
I am giving mike my puppy dog eyes for a FRONT loader?
who has one?


Anonymous said...

I have the Whirlpool Duet washer and dryer! I absolutely love them. I can do HUGE loads in half the time and it saves water and has a steamer. It also has a setting just for whites and you can bleach your whites every load and it doesn't ruin them. I LOVE them.

Amie said...

Ok, so Charlee really is the cutest EVER!
But I'm impatient and I want to see my pictures, so HURRY UP!!!
Love ya :)

~Ali~ said... she can wear anything and be cute...even spaghetti!! lol And I have a front loader and LOVE IT!!!!!! You need one! hee hee Tell mike he can come look at ours if he wants to get approval! lol

Stacy said...

Steve gets one this year with his bonus. He does the laundry, I am color challenged. You will have to tell me which one you pick so I will know which one to buy.

Megan said...

I love her fat rolls! Cute!! Don't have a front loader, but would like one! RC Willey has a RED one that I'd like, thank you very much!

Brenda @Just a Bed of Roses said...

Now annie, if you go to rc willy you better check with Carl, he is a big appliance salesman and he can get you the best one at the best price...however front loaders are not too negotiable, the main companies dont let the stores they sell in work on the price too much. I am sure he could get you into the best buy best financing and his knowledge is un matched by anyone. We have a set and have had them in the past. They hold ALOT of laundry. You can get your washing done very fast, great for big families. I have only done white. He is off work tuesdays, and works wednesday afternoons and evenings, and reg. days the rest of the week, so look him up! carl Klomp, syracuse RC Willys.

Heidi said...

Spaghetti is always a favorite and it creates the best mess!
Love the picture!

I have totally forgotten that it's already February and haven't been playing along with my loves!! I don't think it's too late!!


Shelley Hansen said...

CUTIE PATOOTIE! She is a doll. I would pick her right up and give her a big squeeze spaghetti and all!

Pieces of Us said...

I love that Charlie. She is so dang cute!

Derek bought me a front load washer and dryer for Christmas (ours was seriously older than me..not joking!). I LURVE it so much!! You have to get one. You can seriously stuff that thing so full. It is awesome. It has cut down on my laundry time so much. Especially since it has doubled since Beckam was born (I don't even want to think about what it'll be like when we have 4 kids..yikes). Anyways, Derek found a way good deal from Best Buy. Tell Mike to do it...he works freaking enough!

Jeri said...

I would count that broken washer as a blessing...cuz a new one would ROCK. I want a front loading one too! A teal cute! You will need a new washer with that spaghetti loving baby! =)