Thursday, February 12, 2009

in luv with # 12

I know I posted about Jackson yesterday.......but just read!



Jackson was sick today and missed his Valentine party at pre-school :(

He was so sad!



I was cleaning the kitchen and rockin out to Jessica's Simpson's new CD

Song #2 is my FAV---I sing out LOUD!! {its a soft luv-ish song}



Jackson was playing fighter guys on the kitchen table.

he looks at me and says "I luv you mom"

I grabbed him and we danced!


I have never slow danced with my son before.

I actually really cherished the moment.......


Anonymous said...

sweet! made me teary eyed. I know EXACTLY what you are talking about. Moments like that are too cute to pass up. What a cute little guy!!

Simply Lavender said...

How darling is that???
What a piece of heaven today!!


Megan said...

Sweet boy you got there, Annie!

~Ali~ said...

Ohh...dang!! That is about the sweetest thing I have ever heard!! I just love that kid! I couldn't get enough of him not gettting enough attention from me last night! lol The cutest kid!!! Love ya Jacksie!!

Heidi said...

That's so so stinkin' cute!
Makes your heart melt!

Jeri said...

That was too sweet. I can just picture it.