Saturday, February 14, 2009

13 & 14 luvs!!

This post deserves 2 days of luv!

The picture to the side----{Mike licking my face}
That defines mike to me to a T!
Valentines is my favorite holiday, Not only cuz I married Mike 7 years ago
But I love this day because it reminds us WHO we love and who loves us.....
I don't want this is be a GAGGY post....sappy and the whole "my husband is better then yours" post.....LOL! Hate those!
Mike is not perfect! And he bugs me sometimes....
he leaves his clothes on the stairs every morning for me to pick up!
He is better with money then me and it bugs me!
He likes to give the "pep" talks to much...and I like to roll my eyes at him
He tells me to wear shoes when I mow the, {I hate that}
me lectures me about wearing UGLY safety glasses when i weed eat....seriously, thats so gay! {do they come in pink?}
He always farts on me!
I luv that he falls up the stairs alot...i laugh so HARD!
I luv that he is HONEST, more honest then anyone i know.
I luv that he loves me.....really loves me!
i luv that he swears when he trys to fix things
I love that he is a planner----and so am I
i love that he laughs at himself and says the dummest jokes..{i luv his jokes}
i luv that he keeps me grounded and tells me to "calm down" when my head is spinning with ideas.
i luv that he supports me with my MANY interests!
i luv mikes smile and have to hear his laugh!!!!
im glad that mike wanted to marry me!
.Happy Anniversary shmoopie!.


~Ali~ said...

oh.....perfect post...Mike was annoying growing up...always teasing and all that, but once we grew up a little he was the perfect brother, the best brother anyone could ask for!! He still is and im glad that he is who he is, the best Mike ever! and he is that way because he has you for a partner! I love you guys toooooo much!! congrats on 7 lovey years!!

Mandi said...

I remember when mike was over here on his mission he would talk about what the woman he was going to marry was going to be like, and you pretty much sum it up from what i read on your blog! You Two are Perfect For Each Other :)
and i agree he has a awesome laugh! been a long time since i heard it, but i still remember it!
much love to u Mandi

Shelley Hansen said...

Ohhh this is such a good day for love! Happy day! Happy Anniversary!

Jeri said...

Sweet! I loved this post. Happy Anniversary you two!

I have to mention....LINCOLN leaves his clothes all over the house. Pants on the stair, couch shirt on the couch, socks in the kitchen. I mean come on boy, get undressed in one spot.

Plain City Dickamores said...


I just loved your post!! you and your hubbie are darling.
Thanks in advance for doing gretchens baptism pictures.!! WE are so excited!!