Saturday, February 21, 2009

Miss Char Char!

{Look at the top right!}
CLICK to make larger....and you can see her BUCKIES coming in!
Charlee is so big......
Tell me.....who has a 10 month old?
Is she just spoiled?
or just a 10 months?
She cries when you take something away.
Cries when you say no!
Cries when she doesn't get what she wants.......UH OH!
Everything is CHARLEE right now....and she knows it!!
Jackson minute # 1
Me: Jacksie, you are my hero.
Jackson: I can't be your hero mom.
Me: Why?
Jackson: Because daddy is the handsome-ist
Jackson minute #2
Jackson: I wanna watch star wars before bed.
Mike: nope---only a cartoon, so you won't have nightmares
Jackson: I promise dad I won't. I promise
{after talking for a half an hour about it}
Mike: Jackson ok--I will let you watch it...but I bet you will want to turn it off.
Jackson: I won't.
{20 minutes later}
Jackson: OK OK OK! I can't take it anymore{arms flying to the side, and then on his} Im scared!
Mike: {turns off the movie} laughing


~Ali~ said...

Oh geez!!! That Cheesy Charlee is a FREAKING doll!!! And Jackson is a ding dang hoot!!! I;m sure you don't have a day go by without a laugh from Jackson! lol I can just see the look on Mike's face as he's laughing to turn of Star Wars! lol Like, " I knew it."

Simply Lavender said...

OK........that totally made me laugh out loud!
Where DOES he get this stuff????
He's a born comedian without even trying!!! HAHAHAHA!! LUV that boy!!

OH!!!!! my stars and garters!
CHARLEE!!!! Can she be any more darling!!!?? You guys are in trouble....she's being brought up before the camera!! SMILE!! (or scrunch...whatever she decides!) ;)


The Meyer Family said...

She is adorable! I need to get more pics of Avery. Can't believe she's already 10 months!

Brenda @Just a Bed of Roses said...

always love to see your family in the spotlight and what they say and do...youre a good family!

Heidi said...

Why haven't I realized that Charlee's middle name is Ann! That's mine too! Love it!
She is the cutest 10 month old around town!
BTW... I swear I saw a red SUV friday night with vinyl on the back window for Sweet Yesterdays Photography... was that YOU!???
You were turning up main st. from Gordon by the little salon... Were you stalking me!??

Shelley Hansen said...

She is soooooo cute!
Josiah just got his first tooth.. The bottom front right one..

Rick & Danielle said...

I love your Jackson minutes, I laugh at every one!

Maybe Charlee is spoiled, or maybe she's just being a girl...Kennedy is the same way! I love her buckies, they are cuuuuute.