Friday, February 20, 2009

Nanny goat!!!

I came across this blog today-----
as I was looking at a favorite blog of!
Funny!......we have a funny thing in my family and close friends.....they call me nannie or nannie
so I fell in love instantly!
JUST LOOK at two things I "borrowed" off her blog
I feel INSPIRED to go create now......{not that I had anything else to do}

I have been wanting to make a B-DAY banner for my family now its a MUST!

And these-----are made for her daughters room with scrapbook paper.....
go to her blog and see the directions.....cute cute!!!!!
I think im feeling the SPRING bug----I like to CREATE in the spring!!!
.Thanks Nannie goat!.


Kathryn said...

I'm so glad you like our blog! Nanny goat was my nickname as a kid. It's a pretty unique nickname so I feel like you and I have bonded already. ;)

THANKS for the shout out and keep checking in.
ps you are a beautiful photographer! I pretend to be a photographer sometimes... someday I want to take pictures like yours.

~Ali~ said...

Spring needs to be here NOW!!!! lol I am soooo done with all the stinkin snow!! And that birthday banner is adoooooorable!!!! So cute!! Let me know if you need my cricut! hee hee! Anyway...too cute!!!

Jeri said...

This post makes me remember how bad I suck. =)

Post yours when you make it! I love both ideas!!!

Anonymous said...

I just checked it out. So adding her to my blog list.

I'm ready to be crafty!!!