Thursday, February 5, 2009

Number 5 ALL THE WAY!

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{OK maybe not...., I need to figure out another way to post these pictures so you can see} hummmmmm


My 5th LUV was Elementery school---

My friend Torri had these on her blog....they are now posted on facebook. lol

{thanks Brandon}



I always thought I was "hot" stuff cuz my mom would make me the cutest clothes..

{I actually hated school----I was bad at school....sometimes I even ran away durring, Im not even kidding...}

I miss my friends tho---- :)


Amie said...

Yes she isn't kidding!! I totally remember that ;0)

Torri P said...

I love it! If you wan't I can email them individual so you can see them better....I just didn't want to post them that way....although, I am thinking i might change my mind!
Can't see the great clothes and hair we all had with them so little! :)

Megan said...

I gotta see these close up! I want to see how cute you were when you were little! :)

Keri said...

Annie also said bad words. This is coming from her older sister who heard her say them.

~Ali~ said...

Too funny!! Go Perry Panthers?!?!? lol good post...the thing that I loved about elm school was that life was so care free, I wish I could go back knowing that, it might be more fun!

Jeri said...

Funny! I want to see them bigger.

Jennie Moore said...

Oh my goodness...does that bring back the days! Would I want to go back? Only if I got to keep all my learning and experiences. I was such a dork back then... but the Walker girls were always the BOMB!!

Shelley Hansen said...

Oh.. Dear Annie.. I do not miss school.. Not one bit! I do miss us hanging out though, and making weird things to eat! Do you remember the ritz with cream cheese and me and Amie had you convinced it was an ice cream sandwich?! That was funny! :)