Sunday, December 26, 2010


Today was great!
And then to TOP it off.......its snowed so much! And then I put a little christmas away and picked up after my little pig droppings. :)
I got to go to Sacrament by myself today
{mike worked nights and the kids were sicky}
It came clear to me:
We GOT to have a christmas.
We have a house to have it in.
I got to be involved and watch my children.
And we were all together!
I didn't mean to be so selfish. :(


~Ali~ said...

Everyone gets bit by the selfish bug. The thing that makes it okay is when you realize and recognize what you do have and are thankful for it. Sounds like you're on the right track! Love yer guts! said...

Hello my friend, you are so very normal. It's called post christmas depression. I use to get it on Christmas day. Bad, I'd get the boxes out and start taking the decorations down and throw out the tree. DO NOT CUT YOUR HAIR - NO NO NO! Not now anyway. It will depress you more, just chill out, be still, and let everyone enjoy their own christmas holliday. You can begin taking things down, quietly. You also can curl up with a cup of hot choc, a note pad and a pencil, and make plans for Jan, Feb and March. I have an idea -- let's do a valentine swap. Let me know if you want too.

Big New Year Hugs