Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I have locked up certain "special" moments in my life.
In a keepsake place....
This is one I will tuck away for sure.
I took pictures of this very special family two Sundays ago.
I'm not sure if they would want the whole world to know their situation,
So i will keep that Private.
But they are a COURAGEOUS, strong, loving and the most beautiful family!
They are in my ward and many have shown their compassion and love towards them, they are so deserving!
My Photography Website is currently down...{it got sick} So as that is in the works ....i had to post some from their session on my personal blog.......
aren't they BEAUTIFUL??
This little guy is in Nursery with Charlee.....they know each other.
I think they should get married.......cuz he is TOOO cute for words!
I have some "extra" special things in the works with these pictures
so excited to share!
very very soon!


Jeri said...

Really really beautiful work!! Love the fog! You are amazing Annie!

Alan, Amber, Emma, and Zachary said...

Annie, you do such a beautiful job!!!

Mumsey said...

Wow I am so excited - these pictures are great! Thanks for doing this so so so NEAT!

~Ali~ said...

these turned out sooo great!! love them so much!