Wednesday, December 8, 2010

baby its cold outside!

Burrr, its cold!
I hate sending my kids out in it.....Id rather them home where its nice and toasty.
BUT----santa needs them gone durring the day, soooo......
i gotta send em...:)
My parents do a cousin Christmas sleepover every year.
its a HUGE tradition.
It almost didn't happen this year with my mom's health...., but her stubborn-ness came out and was determind!!
and she pushed through!
she is amazing!
My parents love their GRANDKIDS!!!
18 of them.
{even three of the collage students}
Altho only 17 went, you have to be 6 to go. And Charlee isn't 6! :)
and they ALL MADE IT TO CHURCH AT 9:00....thats just crazy talk!
Autumn and her cousin Mattie playing christmas music on their Viola's!
I had to take a picture of movie night at our house the other night....
never thought we could ever get through a movie without interuptions......
but then........Mike and I and Charlee watched a movie alone while the kids were at the sleepover and you can see {below} what kept charlee intertained.......

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Shelley Hansen said...

Love the sticker legs!!! What is wrong with your mom???