Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I woke Up this morning Sick. :(
I sound like a man. Half man, half Smoker.
The girls keep calling me "dad".
So I didn't paint the office this morning...didn't feel like it.
So later in the day
Abbie and I went out and took some pictures.
Miss Gail.
We call her gail. And you should to cuz she loves it. ;) lol!
cute hair cuts girls!!!
She loves her some shoes and loves her some Duct Tape.
Autumn ----- snapping behind the scenes........
Autumn Leaves you with a smoootch!


Shawntae said...

she is gorgeous! Both of them are. Her eyes are soo beautiful with the blue and brown. Lock them up now. For reals....

Jeri said...

She is gorgeous. I still have a little wallet sized picture of her in a denim hat with a red shirt (you remember that one!) and now look how grown up she is. I loved seeing the pictures of the two of you.....like a lot! She loves you and you adore her. YUM. Oh, Autumn is gorgeous too...and becoming quite the photographer. =) (I love that spot!)

Torri P said...

Beautiful!! I love how unique your girls are, just like you! It gives them so muh personality!! LOVE Autumns hair cut!! Is your Sweet Yesterdays site down? I've been trying to peek on there for some ideas ;) Josh's cousins wife wants me to take some maternitys of her....NEVER done those before!!

~Ali~ said...

WAYYYYY cute!!! Love both their hair!! What a bunch of cuties you are! MUAH!