Sunday, December 12, 2010

Hokey Pokey!

I dunno what you are doing at your house.........

but This Sabbath, we are playing a little hokey pokey!

{and she REALLY knows her ABC'S......don't let her fool you}


Simply Lavender said...

HA!!! HA!! HA!!! what riot!

I can't decide who is funnier....the dad or the daughter! :-}
Hey Mike, do you sing the ABCs?
how bout a duet with Miss C sometime? :)
Thanks for the daily giggle you guys!


~Ali~ said...

I freaking love Mike's singing!!!! hahahaha I love that guy! And Charlee is way too cute for ALL of your good!!! haha

Mike said...

Annie!!!! I cant believe you put that on there!!!! You so owe me!!!