Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Number Seven.

Dear Jackson,
Happy birthday my handsome little boy!
How did I ever get so lucky?
You are the MOST sweetest boy on the planet.
Thank you for being so kind to me, Thank you for Kissing my face and smelling my hair all the time.
Thank you for not being naughty for fear of upsetting dad and I.
Thank you for having such a soft heart.
I love your Imagination.
I love your addicting laugh.
I love your SILLY weird sence of humor!
cuz you tell me your never getting married or going on a mission cuz you don't want to leave me. ;)
I love that you tell me I'm pretty and that I am the bestest mommy.
Thank you for being so protective of Charlee.
Thank you for being so protective of me.
Thank you for being so much like your daddy!
I love you so much bud.
Im so GLAD you are Mine...........forever!
We spent 3 hours yesterday capturing HIM!
All the things he loves!
{well almost all}
Thank you Marissa V for taking the ones of him and I!
I could just cry. Like a baby.
He is Seven today, Where did the time go?
I remember bringing him home Christmas eve, Oh, so tiny with a christmas hat on. The girls just loved him.
It was the BEST christmas!
Last year's Birthday Pictures were a HOOT!
This one was My fav, Hands down.
It was so cold...and I made him stand there. Im so mean. :(

He Still LOVES all the same things................


Amie said...

HOLY CRAP BATMAN!!! Jackson is 7!!!

OH Jacksie!!!! I just love you to pieces! You are the bestest EVER!
Hope you have a great bday!
Love Love Love the pictures!!!

Shawntae said...

Oh my gosh!! I love all these pictures. Little boys are the best. They just love their mamas soo much. I love the one with him holding the camera and making a OK sign. Sooo cute.

He is going to be a little heart throb when he grows up!!

Simply Lavender said...

the most terrific Jackson on the planet!!
SEVEN? 7? s.e.v.e.n. ? WOWSERS!!
COOL BEANERS!! Have a FUN day!!

Love ya more than peanut butter loves jelly!!