Friday, December 3, 2010

hate him.

Why does Satan have to be a King Of ruiners!
He likes to ruin your happiness.
He likes to throw daggers when you try and do good.
I have been thinking ALOT today.
what makes ME happy?
what makes people happy?
I know everyone seems to say the same thing over and over.
My Family. My kids, My Husband...
But as a person....growing everyday, living through trials, heartache and in the mean time being JOYFUL about life, what makes YOU happy....
I took this picture this morning......I wanted to take a picture of something Wintery.
I need a constant reminder of what I need to do that will contantly bring me joy.
Thats my goal this December month.
Somedays we can LOSE our focus as mothering, being a maid, cleaning up throw-up and poo, wifely duties, Taxi, Accountant, being santa, running daily aarons, and playing nurse can do it to us.
whew........thats alot.
Sometimes its the ittybitty things that make us happy.
Sometimes its the things that we REALLY have to strive for.

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