Monday, December 27, 2010

Hello, Dusty little things.........

Hi My running pals!
I have missed you, Sorry I kept in the back of my row of shoes.
Them and I went for a little run tonight. Only 3 Miles, But....
Freakin Lizards how did I do 13?
I have only ran 3 times since August. Its time!
Definalty Time. My body, Mind and Sole are telling me so.
It was nice to get out, just my Music and I!
The girls Both Cut their hair.
They have a friend over having some Styling Lessons!
{if you see in the top lefty....Abbie drew The West Family in stick figure form....sweet!}
* I played Super Mario bros on the WII with Jax for an Hour.
* I sucked. I remember the times when I was little and I rocked Super Mario!
* I had a bowl of Vinegar and cucumbers sitten next to me.
* Bought My paint for the Office. ;)
*Got Christmas all put away.
* Charlee Cried the first 30 minutes of Wii time.....she wanted to play instead.
* Abbie dropped my Cell Phone in a LARGE bowl of water in the sink.
* I was sad.
* It works a little strange, calling random people at any time. creepy!
{sorry if i called you} :)
*I have a Huge Honkin Zit on the side of my face.....maybe I won't cut my
*I let Abbie Drive around our neighborhood {alot}...She is actually getting pretty good.
why is this bad? Cuz I think its dumb teenagers get their Permit at 15!
They are babies!


Shelley Hansen said...

:) We got a Wii for Christmas...LOVE IT!! We also got mario it... I was way better when I was young!! But fun none the less!!

Pieces of Us said...

Ooo I love Mario Brothers! Might be time to buy a Wii...Derek???
Love the girls haircuts! So cute!