Friday, December 10, 2010

Chilly Morning!

I {heart} Chilly Mornings!
Today reminds me of Fall, maybe its a rain, and the Red leaves that still happen to be on my only tree outside.
I am on my second cup of hotcoco!
Today is a pleasant day.
I love cleaning out before Christmas comes.
It gives a sence of organization when the holidays seems alittle chaotic at times.
Jax has a play today "Polar Express"
He told me 12 times this morning that I better come or OFF WITH MY HEAD!
{said like a knight}
Last Night I had a fun night with some close friends.
A little "honeymoon" shower while we went out for dinner.
I think i peed a little. We had the giggles!
We went over to the Mall and walked around like Teenage Mall Rats.....and they exposed me to beautiful MAKE-UP at Macy's!
These ladies are DIE hard makeup lovers.....
I for one, never understood.
BUT last night i think i got a glimse why they loved MAC and Bare Escentuals so much.
{anyone know what Im sayin?}
So for My birthday.....{honey listening?}
I would like to ask for $100 to get "pretty" make-up.
with the cutest containers.
and girly pink and black brushes.
And everything is shimmery and glowy!
Just as I want to be!
The end.

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Simply Lavender said...

OK...I need the yum hot cocoa And the darling red mittens!!