Monday, December 6, 2010

Buh bye!!

Buh Bye My favorite Chair.
I did an EXTRA special session last night with an EXTRA special situation.
{which turned out perfect and i LOVED the fog}
so I decided to take my favorite chair.
I keep it in my front room with extra cute pillows on it.
well, after I took pictures on this chair with the family.
we walked down aways to a dirt road...finished up there and then walked back to find that......
my heart sunk.......
i felt sick!
Not only was it my favorite chair, but someone STOLE IT!
I was sick all night. :(
trying to let it go..........
I was vacuming this morning and I can still see the indents in the carpet where it once sat. so sad!
I know.
Its only a chair.
but someone STOLE IT!
If you see it anywhere....STEAL IT BACK!
{IS that called stealing?}


Amie said...

SHUT UP! That's so rude!!!!!

Heather at Happy Chippy Junk said...

If you saw a darling chair in the middle of a huge field would you leave it? Would you think you were stealing?

{A}nnie said...

lol--true...BUT it was RIGHT next to my car...and NO one was there but us.....soooooo.....

Alan, Amber, Emma, and Zachary said...

That is SOOOO sad!! Especially because you are so sweet to be doing that photo shoot for them!! I will STEAL it back if I find it!!!!

Jeri said...

Ah! I love the fog too! That is a great picture. Print it, and remember your beautiful chair. Those vicious Utah photographers, it's a dog eat dog industry there! LOL!

{A}nnie said...

Oh Jeri---you hit the nail on the head!

run away run
I keep in my own little bubble tho...and i like it that way. :)

Wish I had a GREAT maryland Photographer to work with!!

Betheny and Jacob said...

RUDE!! Seriously. I'll keep my eye out...

Marissa Vargason said...

I am still in awe that no one was there and your chair was gone, seriously? Do people just drive around with trailers on the back of their suvs and steal chairs? weird...sorry about your favorite chair RIP chairy....

Natalie said...

My mouth is open in shock! I have left chairs by my car time and time again - not thinking anything of it. So sad for your beautiful chair - and one that you used in your house too. I hope the thief rots! Stupid!!!