Thursday, December 23, 2010

Its over!

Jax's # 7 day has COME and gone!
I think he had a Pleasant day.
5 of his besties came over for Pizza and a movie!

We watched Dispicable me....

Mario for the WII?

ya think he is happy?

Happy birthday jax!



I had to post ONE out take from tuesday's birthday session....

Charlee HAD to be in almost every picture....I had to be sneaky.

she got dressed in ALL his her self....and then would just SHOW UP!


just imagine it.....its just that funny as you imagined!!

Merry christmas Max!

New coller, New blanky, New sweater, New bone!

and a new handsome!


~Ali~ said...

OH POOOOOP!!!! ROR!!!! I am dying over maxes sweater!!! that is the cutest thing ever!!!! I need to get Stella one, but in Pink!!! hee hee

Sooo glad Jax had a super day! LOVE the pirate flag! Soooo cute! Happy birthday bud! I love you like old people love chicken! haha

Leslie said...

Annie, Max and I look *exactly the same* from the rear. Tell him I'm sorry (and Merry Christmas!). Leslie Robison