Friday, December 17, 2010

Nutty-Cracker....lame? or not lame......?

I went to the Nutcracker with the girls last night with My sister in law and brother in law.
Thanks Ali!
{ Oh! And seeeeee my green ruffle on my!}
I have NEVER been!
Abbie was bored. And talked about skateboarding.
Autumn couldn't get enough and talked about it all night!
I loved it! But think men in tights is just wrong. ;)
Mike stayed home with the Little ones....
Looks like they kept him busy!


Lizzy said...

Oooh I have been wanting to see that! I saw it once FOREVER ago when I visited my grandma in Alabama. I have been wanting to see it ever since I've lived here in Utah but can't seem to ever find the time or money to go!

~Ali~ said...

haha men in tights are VERY wrong!!! I'm so glad you guys could come!! I'm glad at least one of them enjoyed it! lol Abbie is soooooooo a teen! ha Love all your b-e-a-utiful guts!!

Torri P said...

I SO agree about the men in tights! K, now a question for Abbie wearing knee highs or leg warmers? Whichever, they are ADORABLE! Where did you get them?

Jeri said...

Yay! You guys look cute! I love love love the Nutcracker. (Simone's middle name is Clara...yes it is a family name, but the Nutcracker made me love it even more.)

Tell Mike you got him a Charlee-in-a-box for Christmas. That's it.

Rileigh said...

Never lame! Love the Nutcracker. Will be taking my girls as long as they let me.