Friday, February 26, 2010

LOVE DAY ME!!!!!!!!!!!

I have NO time to blog right now.
but Im dying to tell about my birthday yesterday.
just because i have the sweetest husband.
and im going to brag.
the day started at 7:00
stay in bed honey. i will get the kids up and ready for school. {what?}
7:45 Brings me breakfast in bed. stuffed french toast and bacon and milk.
me and charlee snuggle in bed and ate blueberries inside the f. Toast.
then kids off to school
and I get ready and go get my hair done by my very talented sister in law.
{thanks lisa}
then we went and bought a NEW BED!!
FINALLY.......after 8 years of marriage. no more taco bed.
we both had to sleep slanted to not roll. sad.
isn't it pretty?
it will be delivered when Im in vegas tho....waaaaa....
{mike had it planned to have a bed delivered while I was in vegas and surprise me when I got home.}
what a dove!
but he wanted me to pick it out.
I got purple daisies....MY FAVORITE EVER!!!!!!!!!!

And a funny card.
he said it reminded him of!
My neighbor made this cake...
she is SUPER TALENTED!!!!!
i love it. Not to mention i Stuffed MY FACE!

The girls and Mike got me a ipod shuffle to run with.
i so wanted one....i love it teeny and just for running!!


This is my fav.
thanks jackson. :)
i loved the "Goonies" map he drew inside. just for me!
luv you bud!

I also got a sweet gift from my friend marissa.
maids who cleaned for 6 hours from my friends
{I did cartwheels on my clean kitchen cloor}
it sparkles.....
many birthday wishes....
i love you all!!

DINNER and a movie. :)
mike sat through "dear john" with me.
he managed to sit though it with out barfing while I bawled.
thank you to my most favorite shmoopie in the WORLD!
my photoshop isn't working to grand..
so i had to limit pictures...

im not fond of computers!
i hate them actually.


Jeri said...

Happy Birthday Dollface! I love you to bits! It sounds like a perfect birthday. You deserve it all!

tiffany said...

Can you clone your husband for me???? Or maybe send him here to give my husband some lessons!! What a great guy and what a great birthday!!

Kari and Parker said...

ok. so you need to tell Mike that I need him to give me some gifts on Monday for my birthday. ok. cant we share him Annie? Whats the big deal.. right? I LOVE that you two are are perfect for each other. he adores you. jealous...yes MUCH! I learn so much from you Annie.. and I dont really even know you.. thats the great thing about this blog world! Ok.. I wanting pictures for my son Parker.. he will be turning 8, I want some of him.. and then some of his Gpa with him.. he is 8 in May, so when should I get in touch with you? let me know.. thanks!

Simply Lavender said...

It has been a FAB one!!
How cute is Mike!??
OK.....let's have Mike teach some classes on husband-ness to the family! including all our upcoming grandson *gentlemen*!!
We'll see you later today for more celebrations!!


Shelley Hansen said...

You are loved! Glad that you a very Happy Birthday!!
Love ya!

Liseylew said...

I agree with Dixie!! Mike needs to teach classes!!! love that guy....

Sunshine's Design said...

What a fun Birthday and a sweet husband! Happy Birthday!

Jennie Moore said...

Wonderful day. Wonderful honey. Wonderful family and friends. Wonderful LIFE!!! Happy Birthday Annie!

The Meyer Family said...

Looks like you had a great birthday, Annie!! You have a wonderful family!

Cindy Geilmann said...

Hello my sweet Annie, I've missed our visits. Happy birthday to you, happt birthday to you, happty birthday dear Annie, happt birthday to you. Oh to be 33 again.

You lucky girl.

I have been busy lately, Aunt Elsie's antic shop has moved to Gardner Village. Lots of inventory.
We're waiting for West Jordan to come inspect for fire.

Did I tell you that I work there 2 days a week? Love it!