Tuesday, February 16, 2010

love day 16


I have mentioned how much I love Jackson's Imagination.
just so you know....
he loves fighting!
the guy in the middle is jackson
the guys on the side tried to stab each other
and in doing so, they stabbed jackson..{see the blood}
I dunno who the guy laying on the ground is?
Im sure this will be taped on his wall with his collection...
Don't worry, he is the most loving compassionate, tenderhearted little boy.
he will not murder when he grows up!


Jeri said...

Wyatt and Jackson would be GREAT buddies!

Last Halloween Lincoln and I were betting on a drawing of Wyatt's. My bet-a knight with huge weapons...His bet- a witch with a big broom! LOL! I won...of course. I know my boy.

Shelley Hansen said...

How cute! All boys love to fight and have war.. That is why they are boys and NOT girls! I would be worried if he did not like that sort of thing.. He will be a manly man! NOT a wussy man!