Wednesday, February 17, 2010

love day 17

I love to make things.

This is the:
"oh, look at me. Im a man! With man tools"
"Cuz thats what men do!"
"We make stuff, with tools"
"cuz im a man!"
Mike made this little concol that fits, oh so perfect and snug.
NO MORE SPILLED drinks on the carpet! :)
cute eh?
I also made these necklaces for the girls....


Amie said...

SO cute Annie! That little table looks so cute there. Good job with the MAN TOOLS Mike! LOVE the headbands. Can't wait to make some.

Jeri said...

So great! All of it! The headbands are the cutest things. You inspire me to not be so scared of my sewing machine. =)

jEsSiCa said...

Holy smokes! I love your front room... do you want to come decorate my house?? :) You are so creative and crafty! LOVE IT, LOVE YOU!

Shelley Hansen said...

Nice table! Very handy man you got there!

The Meyer Family said...

Hey Annie!! The posts are all wonderful!! Love the console Mike made!!! Beautiful! Love your talented family! :)