Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Love day 10

I love shopping for Valentines presents.
a.k.a {Love Bug}
today, in my searchings....
I found these two Mouse pads at Old navy for $4.50 each.

I ordered this 5x5 self mount Album from FINAO.
i love it!
IM SO excited to give it to her today. :)
with her darling 5x5 prints inside.
Never ordered anything from finao before but have wanted to.
very classy!
Now I must have one!
Now im going to go enjoy the quiet while my little charlee sleeps.
Thats something I also Love.


Jeri said...

I have THREE gorgeous finao albums sitting here waiting for the final images. They are UNBELIEVABLE! I want one too, I am saving my $$ though. They are pricey!

Oh, I have to tell you. The albums are 12x12 with 40 sides! I'll take'll just die!

Jeri said...

Oh, I want that mouse pad. As soon as I can get to an Old Navy. Which may be in a VERY long time. (GO AWAY SNOW!)