Thursday, February 4, 2010

Pure. Love.

I will love a little more today.
I will tear up when I embrace the small things.
Im going to smile at my kids more today.
Im going to kiss Mike 3 extra times when he leaves for work tonight.
Im going read to charlee today.
I am going to make jackson some more Valentines cookies.
Im going to take my kids out and take pictures of them.
Im going to print them and put them all over my house.
Im going speak softly today.
Im going to go clean the girls rooms and leave a note on their beds for when they come home from school.
Please go read this.
and go enjoy YOUR day.
what are you going to do with YOUR


Anonymous said...

THanks for posting this link Annie. I needed it. We are struggling with some issues with my sweet little Tegunn. This put things into perspective.

Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

your welcome Alyssa!...:)
I needed it too!!!

Alicia said...

Oh Wow that was an amazing story!! thanks for posting it. Now that I have been bawling like a baby for the last 15min... reminds you of the precious gifts of this life and to be a better person!! Thanks