Thursday, February 4, 2010

Today is a good day...............cuz..........


I found charlee's RED &^%$# MARKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!
she has hid from me for 2 weeks......
guess where......
in a little dish I keep in top of the dryer to put change, and stuff in from jeans and pockets..
there has been some papers in there that have hid it. she PULLS down the dish....WRITES, closes LID, then puts it BACK right where she got it.
I have searched every day for this dang marker....
cuz as you can see ABOVE....she loves it.
its her favorite.
WHEW.......mission over!
Last night I attened New Beginnings with both my daughters.
I can't believe they are both in YW's

{autumn turns 12 on the 11th}
they challanged us mothers to get our personal progress along with our daughters....and gave us all books.
i never got mine.... :)
Favorite month of the year!!!
autumn's birthday
My birthday
Mike and I's anniversary is on V-day :)
2 of my sisters birthdays
3 of My neices....
LOVE LOVE LOVE this month!!!


Liseylew said...

oh I love your posts!! That Charlee!! Love her!! so funny that little sneaker!

Megan said...

Oh, Charlee, you little booger! I love it! Good job finding the red marker! It had to be RED! I can't believe it either you will have 2 now in YW's. We just had our New Beginnings last night, too! :) What a fun month for you! I love this month, too! Always loved Valentines Day, got married on the 5th and now Little Audrey Anne is coming on the 8th! Yep, good month!

Simply Lavender said...

Sorry Annie but LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh, how I do LUB that little cherub! :)

So neat about New Beginnings!!
LOVE IT!! You three have a lot to do! Better kick it into high gear!:)


Brenda @Just a Bed of Roses said...

Charlee HAS to do her grammy!!!

Jeri said...

SHE HID THE RED!! She is a genius!

Way to go Charlee! You have got your Mommy figured out! =)

I bet she'll unwrap and re-wrap her Christmas presents too!

Good luck on the personal progress...although I don't think you need the book. You are doing so well on your own. =)

Simply Lavender said...

OH dear....after reading Jeri's comment I might have to explain what I meant by *kick it to high gear*....I didn't mean to imply that you guys aren't totally awesome, wonderful, and full of sunshine already!!
Because YOU ARE!!!
I was referring to the *personal progress book checklist* that you have to do and with 3 of you in one's going to be busy! OK...I'm not saying this right..but you know what I mean!


~Ali~ said...

Okay.....Charlee is WAY too smart for her own good!! What a little turd!!! It's a darn good thing she is as cute as she is! LOL Love her! And how fun about New Beginnings...I never got mine either! Sounds like it was a special night! Yay for you girlies!